Protection One Home Security System Review: A Professional Service That Partnered With ADT

This year-end Protection One home security review will take a behind-the-scenes look at this sister company of ADT. Its experience with a spectrum of buyers grants it a better reputation than most providers. Below is a glance at the key metrics that make up this business.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 13, 2020

Protection One Security Review: In-Depth

Protection One

Protection One security offers a range of plans and features to please a variety of customers. By utilizing ADT hardware, the business brings its expert monitoring services to provide high-tech surveillance solutions. As this review will show, while the company has a robust line-up of products, its pricing is where it may lose some potential buyers.

Key Features

The company’s wireless home automation is full of products and tools that will keep families safe and worry-free. Here are its best privacy and protection offerings:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Intrusion alerts
  • Professional installation
  • Remote arm/disarm
  • Video Surveillance
  • Web & mobile control

Background Information

Protection One home security was founded in 1988 and has amassed a solid reputation and a healthy client base. Similar to SimpliSafe, it works with residential customers and companies. However, Protection 1 has a CMS division through which it supplies wholesale monitoring and multifamily systems and services. It merged with ADT in 2016 under its parent company, Apollo Global Management. Despite that partnership, the two businesses offer slightly different plans, policies, and features. As of 2021, the brand has around one million customers and over 2,500 employees spanning 60 branch offices in the U.S. This makes it the second-largest electronic security provider in the United States. The corporate headquarters is in Romeoville, Illinois.

Features: Accessories, Devices, & Services

While there are four systems to choose from, they each come with the base station, a few sensors, and a motion detector. The higher tiers add things like automated devices and video surveillance. Below is a brief review of what consumers can expect from these kits.

Home Automation: More Control Over the Space

With smart locks and appliances and light modules, customers can manage the temperature and humidity levels in their house. It can be a useful tool for getting a handle on energy bills as well as creating a more comfortable living environment.

24/7 Surveillance: Day and Night Watch

24-7 Surveillance Protection One

One great benefit of this company is that every subscription plan comes with round-the-clock expert monitoring. Plus, the trained response team is quick to alert the local authorities in case of an emergency.

Video Monitoring: Always On & Aware

Video Monitoring Protection One

This can be done via an indoor camera or a weatherproof outdoor cam. Both options come with mobile app compatibility so users can check in on things when they’re at work or out of town. They can also save recorded footage to the cloud.

Automated Alerts: Take the Guesswork Out

Clients can manage their alert settings so that they only receive notifications in certain circumstances. These messages can be forwarded to their smartphone for added convenience. They can also choose which updates should be sent to the monitoring agents.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors: No More Accidents

Pet Friendly Protection One

One of the worst things about a home surveillance system is that it picks up on pets, which can make for many false alarms. To combat this issue, the brand’s sensors won’t trigger anything under 40 pounds, eliminating accidental calls to the police.

Wireless Technology: Fewer Communication Restrictions

Wireless Technology Protection One

Even though everything works with landline connectivity, it isn’t required. People can use a wireless connection to sync to the control panel and receive mobile alerts. This allows for quicker updates and more accessibility while out and about.

Weather Warnings: Fast Forecasts

Individuals may also get weather updates through the system, warning them of harsh winds or sudden downpours. This somewhat unique feature can come in handy, and alerts go through the app. The updates generate from the National Weather Service.

Full Remote Control: Worry-Free Control

Everyone has experienced that sudden panic of wondering if the front door was left unlocked while the family left for vacation. Now they don’t have to worry because they can remotely arm and disarm the locks and check on things with the mobile app.

Medical Alerts: A Life-Saving Accessory

Medical Alert Protection One

The best choice for those who have aging parents or disabled loved ones at home; this feature is another unique touch. With the push of a button, individuals can contact local medical staff and send a request for help.

Secure Move Program: Making Moving Easier

If a customer relocates to a new house while they’re still under contract, Protection 1 will help to install and activate the system at the new place. They’ll also cover up to $150 of the reactivation fees.

Landline & Cellular Monitoring: Easier for More Families

Having both of these options means that clients have less to fret about when the power goes out. Battery backup can help them get through an outage, and the availability of landline or wireless connectivity means more people can try the system.

Smartphone Access: Ultimate Control

Every device that’s part of the security system can be accessed through the mobile app. Available to Android and iPhone users, it is a simple way to see reviews on everything. Plus, there’s added peace of mind in being able to arm and disarm things remotely.

Equipment & Installation: Tried and True Security Tools

Medical Alert Protection One

Consumers can enjoy these products as part of any of the purchase plans. This section reviews the separate tools and features that help the system work as a whole. Keep in mind that there is still the option to tack on add-on equipment as well.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Protection One

Unfortunately, this gas is odorless and invisible, so most families don’t know they have a CO2 leak until it’s way too late. This monitor will sound whenever the levels in the house start to rise.

Control Console/Keypad

Control Console Protection One

This is the brains of the operation, meaning all of the other products depend on this base panel for instructions and support.

Door & Window Sensors

These sensors are wire-free and trigger the alarm whenever the system is armed. Any time an entry point opens (door, window, etc.), an alert will go off, notifying homeowners.

Environmental Alerts

It’s not just burglars that pose a threat to a family household. The company has detectors that can keep individuals safe from water and gas leaks, floods, high temperatures, and smoke.

Intrusion Coverage

This is a touchscreen keypad that controls all of the devices with the push of a button. For those with the automated plans, it’s possible to access this hub from the privacy of a smartphone.

Keychain Remote

This was designed for those instances when a person can’t get to the control panel, but they want to arm or disarm the system. It’s a little handheld remote that can integrate with the automation features.

Motion Detector

This nifty accessory can help families maintain their peace of mind. It can pick up on movement outside and sound the alarm, giving individuals that extra moment to react.

Panic Button

This is an ideal accessory for health and physical emergencies. Pushing the pendant will notify the team back at the office and, if necessary, dispatch the local authorities.

Smoke Alarm

A basic piece of equipment, it saves lives every day. This smoke alarm comes standard and works great when combined with add-ons like the flood sensor and CO2 alert.

Add-On Equipment

Even though the Protection One security systems have lots of great standard supplies, some clients may wish to add a bit more to their subscription. This section reviews the optional bells and whistles that they can buy.


More and more people want to be able to see who’s at the front door without having to open it. This is a handy solution. Just look at the mobile application or the control panel to see who’s there.

  • Brings added safety
  • Two-way communication
  • Works with the app

Door Lock

Rather than running the risk of losing the keys to the house – or worse, having them fall into the wrong hands – clients can rely on smart door locks.

  • Confirm the property is secured
  • Controlled from the mobile app
  • Lock/unlock remotely

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Protection One

In most cases, just one CO2 alarm is not enough. For larger properties, multiple devices are necessary, so the enterprise offers the option to add as many as families and companies need.

  • Environmental triggers
  • Perfect for bigger households
  • Quick detection

Garage Door

It can be annoying to drive up to the garage and get out of the car to open the sliding door. This handy invention lets users control this entry point with one click.

  • Perfect for nighttime
  • Remote access
  • Saves time


These pertain to both interior and exterior bulbs and allow users to control the brightness from a remote location. Simply log into the app and turn them on or off.

  • Help reduce utility bills
  • Indoor and outdoor lights
  • Syncs with the central hub


Thermostat Protection One

This smart thermostat is a win-win because it cuts energy usage while maintaining a cozy household. Plus, users can control the settings through the app, even when they’re out and about.

  • Automated
  • Energy-saving
  • Remote access

Video Cameras

Only available with the all-inclusive kit, the video cams have pan and tilt capabilities and motion detection. There’s both an indoor and outdoor version.

  • Compatible with system automation
  • High-quality images
  • Wireless


Since the monthly payments for each plan are a bit high, it’s kind of a bummer that there an additional $99 to tack on for installation. Yes, this is done by professionals, but it can still drive the price too high for some people. On the plus side, consumers don’t have to worry about setting it up incorrectly, and they can get their questions answered by an expert right then and there.

Protection One Security Packages & Prices


Packages Protection One

A nice thing about the Protection One security system is that there is room for customization at all four tiers. There are also zero upfront hardware charges, although they come with a $99 installment fee and a required three-year term agreement. This section reviews the options available.


This basic plan is a good starter kit and costs $34.99 per month. It comes with the necessities and a few extras: a control panel, fire and CO2 alarm, intrusion coverage, flood/leak alerts, and 24/7 monitoring.


  • All equipment included
  • Good for beginners to home security
  • Options for adding more devices


  • Doesn’t come with video
  • Not the cheapest


At $44.99 per month, this is an upgrade to the previous option. Includes everything in that one as well as two-way audio. This makes it so that users can talk to the people at home through the mobile app. This subscription also comes with cellular backup in case of a power outage.


  • Backup addition
  • Only $10 more
  • Two-way talk


  • Lacks video features
  • Pricey

Smart Control

This choice brings in home automation and has a monthly rate of $49.99. It allows users to control their accessories from a remote device, such as a phone or laptop. Moreover, it comes with a motion-detecting camera as well as the things included in the Secure+ plan.


  • Adds automation capabilities
  • Includes a camera
  • Remote access


  • Limited warranty
  • May still require add-ons


At $54.99 per month, this is the company’s most expensive plan, and also the most inclusive. Along with the features of the previous subscriptions, this one brings video recording into the kit. That means an indoor camera with night vision capabilities to track happenings on the property any time of day.


  • All-inclusive
  • Night vision
  • Video camera


  • Doesn’t include $99 installment fee
  • Expensive monthly payment

Comparison Chart for All Four Packages

Below is a review of the tools and specialties of each subscription contract. Consumers can use it to guide their purchasing decision.

Secure Secure+ Smart Control Video
Monthly Fee$34.99$44.99$49.99$54.99
24/7 MonitoringYesYesYesYes
Intrusion CoverageYesYesYesYes
Mobile AppNoYesYesYes
Two-Way AudioNoYesYesYes
Night VisionNoNoNoYes

Ease of Use

Unlike other companies’ DIY packages, Protection 1 systems can be quite difficult to use. Even the best reviews admit that most of the plans are bloated with unnecessary equipment, but for the right family, this could suit them just fine.

It’s nice that customers can choose from wireless and hardwired systems, and they can always add on to their plan if they need more coverage. Also, if a client moves, they can bring the surveillance package with them to their new location. However, once someone ends their contract with the company, they need to return all of the devices (and pay for any damages).

Customer Experience

Perhaps due to its partnership with another well-known security company, this brand has a decent reputation, and most of the poor reviews are based on anecdotal evidence.

Terms & Guarantees

First of all, each buyer needs to sign on to a 36-month contract, which is quite a long time. The early termination fee would be the number of remaining months in the contract multiplied by the monthly monitoring fee. So, if a person ended their agreement early and had a monthly payment of $34.99, their termination fee would be $104.97. Furthermore, customers don’t own the equipment and must give it back once their contract is up.

On a positive note, there is a Safety Net Warranty that provides a reimbursement of up to $1,000 of the customer’s paid insurance deductible. This can be used in instances of burglary or fire. All systems have a 90-day limited warranty.

Customer Support

The enterprise’s trained and knowledgeable staff makes a huge difference in the client experience. That said, it’s hard for people to get in touch with a representative unless they’re already a customer. Live chat is available on the website, and the support phone number is 844-836-7730.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Protection One Reviews

First of all, the corporation has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was the 2013 recipient of the BBB Integrity Award. According to the brand’s website, it has a 97% customer satisfaction score, but it’s not clear how trustworthy that statistic is.

The business’s merger with ADT allowed it to become a full-service provider, bringing in more clients and securing a healthy reputation. Overall, it’s probably best for homeowners, although it tends to work more with commercial customers.

Some long-time customers haven’t been happy with the ADT merger, stating the support and assistance has suffered as a result. Also, the pricing can be a bit difficult to figure out. There is a lack of transparency in the fees associated with the add-on equipment. That’s in addition to the cost of professional installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are ADT and Protection One Security the Same Company?

    For all intents and purposes, yes. The two brands are part of a merger, so they can be considered one entity. The more detailed explanation is that ADT lent its hardware to Protection 1, which utilized its existing monitoring services. All in all, when consumers choose this company, they are getting ADT supplies, but the surveillance comes from Protection 1.

  • How to Change the System’s Battery?

    It depends on what device needs a new battery. For instance, the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors take alkaline batteries, which individuals can easily put in and take out. Other items require a lithium battery which is included. The control panel can work with a cellular connection, but it also comes with battery backup. Users can check out the support page on the company website for instructions on how to replace them.

  • How to Cancel the Service?

    Clients will have to contact the customer support team and let them know that they would like to terminate their account. Keep in mind that all contracts are three years long, and ending them early will result in an early termination fee. The sum will be the monthly monitoring charge multiplied by the number of months remaining in the agreement.

  • Can Customers Opt-Out of the Professional Monitoring?

    No. This company specifically deals with professional monitoring, so clients can’t choose a do-it-yourself option. There are plenty of benefits to having this expert service, though. It brings added peace of mind and assurance and ensures that there is always someone there to help. On another note, the enterprise offers a self-installment option, but it’s mainly aimed towards renters.

Protection One Security Pros & Cons

The good news is that both companies (ADT and Protection 1) are nationally recognized. Buyers indeed get locked into a long-term agreement that lasts for three years, but the variety of pricing plans balances that out.

On the other hand, the corporation makes it hard to cancel, and once clients sign the agreement, they can get hit with some major early termination fees.


  • 24/7 expert monitoring
  • Automated accessories are available
  • Cellular & landline options
  • Video surveillance (highest tier only)
  • Web & mobile access


  • Long contracts with high termination fees
  • Strict cancellation policy

The Final Say on This Protective Security Provider

With its range of package options and its long list of equipment features, this is a business worth considering. Families can get just about anything they want related to residential surveillance, from night vision cameras, environmental detection, and automation. The downside is the long term agreement, so just be sure that it’s the right choice.

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