ProtectMyID Review: Step by Step Protection & Monitoring

Nobody likes to live without safety. This feeling does not only come from staying home with security cameras or bodyguards. A lot of other elements also influence this, like financial and legal safety. Is there anyone watching over these records and reports? Luckily, yes.

Today, dozens of companies are out there, keeping an eye on people’s documents to prevent identity theft. Keep on reading this ProtectMyID review and find out about the best options for 2021.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

ProtectMyID Review: In-Depth

ProtectMyID identity theft protection is famous in the US. It belongs to Experian, one of the most well-known credit bureaus in the country. As such, they can guarantee to provide a nice service. Within its perks, they include more than 20 reports employees will always monitor. Plus, in case something occurs, the team will get in touch with the customer at once. Let’s examine all the features for 2021 below, then.

Key Features:

  • Lost wallet unique feature
  • Additional children coverage is allowed
  • Credit score report from 3 major bureaus
  • Financial monitoring and security information
  • Insurance up to $1 million
  • SSN reports

Background Information

Protectmyid Background Information

One of the biggest credit companies in the US is called Experian. This business also runs ProtectMyID today. It runs in an efficient way because it has access to a lot of sources. So, it is hard for clients of this vendor to be victims of fraud. With almost 17,000 employees in 37 countries, the company is huge. And it plans to keep on expanding. Plus, one of the things praised the most is their swift action and their quick notifications when something is wrong.

Features: What’s In It For You

When hiring the plans, what’s in it for the clients? What do they get in return for their monthly or annual fee? Let’s take a look at all of these perks and features in detail below.

Setup and Interface: Simple Design

One of the most important things in a business is that it’s easy to use. If people cannot find where to order, then they are in trouble. Luckily, Protectmyid doesn’t have that issue. The design is clean and, with just one phone call, the client will have the services activated.

Dark Web Surveillance: Diving Into the Unknown

Protectmyid Dark Web Surveillance

Want to know if one’s password was leaked in the dark web? Don’t worry. This company’s employees will do their best to crawl this part of the Internet. With their software and bots, they will be able to keep their clients safe. In case of a leak, they release a protocol and give people a series of steps to take.

Daily Detection: Total Protection

It’s of no use to anyone that the provider runs analysis once in a while. That is why this company gives customers a daily detection service. In case anything fishy happens, an alert will start ringing at once.

Alerts: Keeping People Safe

In our days, everybody uses their smartphones at all times. This means they will get all the notifications without delay if something happens with their safety. To do this, people can either download an app or just get a common call from the agents.

Black Market Surveillance: Even in the Hidden Places

A black market is also a dangerous place. People might sell drugs, guns, or other illegal items using other persons’ IDs. If clients get their wallets stolen, for instance, the vendor will keep an eye on the black market to make sure nobody uses the documents to carry out illegal tasks with one’s personal information.

Address Change Verification: Avoiding Criminals

People move out, that’s only natural. Still, sometimes, criminals may change people’s addresses to other states to avoid taxes. That is why address verification is a service that is always included in these packages.

Bank and Credit Card Activity Reports: Classic but Necessary

Protectmyid Bank and Credit Card Activity Reports

Bank movements and credit cards say a lot about a persons’ accounts. Credit card data can be stolen online today, for example, and this is a big risk. Every report is analyzed by specialists, then, and clients get alerts daily on their phones.

Lost Wallet Assistance: Step by Step Guide

Losing one’s wallet can be a nightmare. There, people used to have their money, their documents, and their cards. A thief with those documents and info can do a lot of things, even steal people’s identity. But don’t worry, because this business has help and steps to take in case this happens.

Court Records and Bookings: Also on the Legal Side

To feel safe at one’s home, it’s crucial to know the neighborhood is also secure. With updated criminal records and sex offender reports, users will always know they are living in areas without crime.

Credit Score Reporting: Always on the Alert

This is a great feature that allows the client to know whether their credit has been a victim of theft. Yet, on the grey side, this is not for free. In addition to their monthly plan, the client will have to pay for each report they want to see.

Identity Restoration: What to do Next

ProtectMyID identity theft protection goes beyond reports and monitoring. They also have a careful plan to help and recover one’s details in case the crime takes place. An agent will call the victim and let them know step by step what they are supposed to do.

Experian CreditLock: Preventing a Disaster

Protectmyid Experian CreditLock

In case the customer suspects something illicit is going on, there is something they can do. Experian offers them the choice of locking their credit and ensuring nobody else is using their accounts without consent.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage: Solving Issues

Their identity theft protection services are very efficient. But, in case things go wrong, they have a whole plan devised for this event. For example, the premium plans have up to 1 million dollars in insurance, while the basic package has $10,000.

Discounts for AAA Premier Members

As stated above, those who are already clients of Experian will have a big discount on the bundles. Some of them will not have to pay a cent for this service, which is a great advantage per month.

How it Works

So, the first thing they have to do is enter the Experian site and look for the section about ProtectmyID.

  • There is a button on the top part of the page to make an inquiry. If buyers cannot find it, they can look for the section called Contact us.
  • In that part of the site, they will find a phone number and an email address.
  • They will get to know more about their pricing and the best options for their needs by reaching out.
  • And that’s it! They won’t have to lift a finger to protect their private data.

ProtectMyID Pricing

Protectmyid Pricing

The prices for the companies’ plans are divided into three groups. The first one doesn’t cost anything for AAA members. The paid bundles start at $10, and the premium option is $15.95 per month. There are no discounts per year if the client decides to pay all at once. Yet, they can have some kind of benefit by enjoying a 30-day free trial. After this period, they can choose to renew the service or not.

Table of Plans’ Comparison

Within the same bundle is included one adult only. If this customer decides to, he or she can add up to 10 children and his or her spouse. Of course, they will have to pay a fee for all of them. So, let’s take a look at all the other features these plans include.

Features & Plans Essential Deluxe Platinum
Price Free for AAA members $10.95 $15.95
Free trial 30 days 30 days 30 days
Type of
credit monitoring
Experian Experian,
and TransUnion
and TransUnion
Yes Yes Yes
Dark web
No Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
No No Yes
Yes No No
No No Yes
Yes Yes Yes


This tier offers the most complete types of features for those with a big family or a lot of needs. For example, it’s the only one that covers the 3 major credit bureaus or monitors social media and offers identity theft protection services. Also, it keeps a close eye on payday loans in case something happens.


  • Add up to 10 children and one adult for a small price.
  • Promo codes can give a generous discount.
  • Eligible for up to $1 million insurance.


  • Includes social media
  • Monthly sex offender reports
  • Monitors social security numbers
  • Credit 3 bureau
  • Dormant credit card, too


  • A bit expensive
  • No free trial


The Deluxe pack goes a bit beyond the essentials. In particular, when it refers to ProtectMyID identity theft protection. For instance, it includes a bot that crawls the Dark web to avoid password filtrations. Plus, the company will provide clients with an agent to solve any issues that may arise.


  • Real-time alerts can happen via the app or a phone call.
  • Theft insurance might be included for a small fee.
  • Identity validation alerts abroad.


  • Alerts for changing the address
  • Up to 1 million insurance
  • Experian advantage
  • 24/7 support
  • Credit card takeover


  • Adults have to pay to cover their children
  • No payday loan monitoring


AAA ProtectMyID clients can access this system without any cost, giving them peace of mind. Yet, they should consider that this monitoring is basic and does not include, for example, identity theft protection services. It only covers Experian. On the good side, the lost wallet coverage is on.


  • Support for fraud resolution.
  • Court records and bookings can also be added.
  • Credit card alerts via their mobile app.


  • Credit reports per week
  • Personalized agent
  • Fraud resolution
  • Up to $10.000 insurance
  • Lost wallet


  • No real-time alerts
  • No social media monitoring

Ease of Use

Ordering and using this company is really simple. Just pick up the phone or write down an email asking for info. And that’s it; the buyer doesn’t have to do anything. The employees will scour the net, monitor reports, take a look at IDs, and even social media to make sure nobody steals their identity. In case the worst happens, they have some steps to take to recover, for example, credit cards without any trouble.

Customer Experience

Experian, then, is a famous business with plenty of experience taking care of customers. What about their refund and privacy policy? Are their employees up to par? Let’s answer those questions below.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of use and privacy policy of this platform are the same as the ones for Experian. So, the person who wants to read them will enter the site and then be directed to the other section. For instance, when giving identity theft protection, the vendor will ask for a lot of personal data and documents.

One of them will be the social security number. This way, the customers agree to trust the vendor by giving them their info. On the other hand, ProtectmyID promises never to disclose any personal data to third-party apps or websites.

Customer Support

Protectmyid Customer Support
Their customer support team is quite efficient when it comes to identity theft protection. They offer two main channels of contact. The first one is the phone number for US clients. Those who don’t live there can send them an email. Plus, the website also includes written articles and tutorials to answer the most frequent doubts, like payment methods.


Comments online are mostly positive. Most of them, for example, praise their identity theft protection and recovery programs. One of their strongest points is to give clients some steps to get their money back in case they lose their wallet.

Or in case their passwords get leaked in the dark web. Some of the negative points mentioned by these ProtectMyID reviews are children’s coverage. As stated above, kids are not included within the packages. If adults want them to, they will have to pay a small fee.

FAQ Section

  • What Is AAA ProtectMyID?

    AAA ProtectMyID members refer to a user who has paid membership in Experian. This is one of the biggest credit bureaus in the USA. Once the person has become a client, they will get a lot of perks. One of them is the monitoring of their private data, their banking info, and their identity.

  • Is ProtectMyID Free?

    Not really, but there is a free option for AAA members. As they are already paying for a fee, these people don’t have to pay for anything. Yet, they will only have essential coverage and services per day. For instance, no social media or SSN reports are included.

  • Is ProtectMyID the Same as Experian?

    It’s not exactly the same, though Experian operates this company. This is one of the major 3 consumer credit bureaus. In addition to this, the agency is today protecting info from banks, social media, and identity theft.

    So, this type of service is far more efficient than others.

  • Is ProtectMyID Legit?

    Yes, it’s a legit company. It exists not only in the USA but also in the other 36 countries. And the business has been in action for over 35 years. This provider is related to Experian, one of the most famous credit companies in the US.

  • How Do I Cancel AAA ProtectMyID?

    Clients of AAA ProtectMyID just need to get in touch with their agents to cancel their plans. It’s very easy to do. In particular, because they don’t have to pay anything for their bundle. They can reach out to their helper via email or phone.

ProtectMyID Pros & Cons

All in all, there are many great things about hiring these plans. But others are not that good. For instance, the packages only cover the person who pays for them. Read the following list of advantages and negative points and find out.


  • The vendor gives identity theft protection, also against keyloggers.
  • It covers the three major credit bureaus in the USA.
  • The plans are very convenient for the price.
  • Clients of AAA don’t have to pay anything.
  • The deluxe and the premium accounts include insurance of up to 1 million dollars in 2021.


  • Clients have to pay for extra family members.
  • Insurance and credit scores can be limited in the essential plan.

Peace of Mind for Every User

So, ProtectMyID identity theft protection is a top-notch security service in 2021. And it not only works for people living in the USA, but people based in other 37 countries can also use this business.

What for? Mainly to protect themselves and their families from fraud on many levels. From social media to bank and crime reports, clients will be able to live in peace, knowing professionals are watching out for them at all times.

Editorial Staff

Brad has worked as a sales manager in the security sector for 10 years. He is curious, attentive to details, and hard-working. He has dedicated several years to helping customers with their safety and protection. His background has helped Brad to write comprehensive security and life safety materials, which he has been writing for about 4 years. Brad has contributed work to The Washington Post, DailyJournal, Los Angeles Times, and many others.