Rescue Alert Reviews: Excellent Monitoring for Sale

Those who look for an alternative to take care of the most vulnerable members of the family can find help in medical monitoring systems. This is a reputable company in the field of security alerts. In addition to a trained team, they have a lot of add-ons like a free lockbox or a personal help button.

Keep on reading and discover through these Rescue Alert reviews why it’s one of the best options in the market in 2021.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

Rescue Alert: In-Depth

Those looking for a unique device with an array of benefits for an affordable price can find this in the Rescue Alert medical alert system. It will protect elders with their detection systems no matter where they are, even if they decide to go visit their friends at night. 

The team will always be there to watch over them and call emergency services at once. Wondering what else they have to offer? In the following article, interested buyers can find out more. 

Key Features

  • 2-way voice
  • Help button for the shower
  • Fall detection available
  • AT&T supported
  • Wide range
  • GSP tracker 

Background Information

Rescue Alert Background Information

Rescue Alert is a medium company working in the field of medical systems. It was established in 1986 with headquarters in Jordan, Utah. Though they are not based in a big city, they still provide services to the whole of the USA. 

Those who would like to buy from them can do so without any doubt, as they have great reviews and ratings from reputable sources like BBB. In case of need, they will communicate with 911 on behalf of the client. 

Features & Installation 

So, let’s dive deep into the main benefits and features that all the equipment offers. This will give buyers all the information they need to make an informed decision about the safety of their family.  

Signing Up: Just Some Easy Steps

The first thing to do when acquiring these devices is to sign up. Choose a password for the lockbox so the police can enter the home without breaking the door. 

Another step is to give the company all the details on the elder, so they know more about their health state and potential risks. All this process is simple and should not take more than 5 minutes. 

Wearing the Devices: Portable Alternatives

While the company doesn’t offer a wristband, they do have a pendant available for those who want to use it. Also, the person can buy a lockbox to place outside the home. This is very useful for people who don’t want the police to break the door to enter the home if there’s an emergency, for example. 

Then, they have to place the keys inside the lockbox and choose an electronic password nobody else will know except for the monitoring center. 

24-7 Monitoring: A Trained Team 

Rescue Alert 24-7 Monitoring

Of course, the team is always vigilant in case the elder needs help. This applies not only to weekdays but nights and holidays. No matter the hour or location, seniors will always get the assistance they need. 

Fall Detection: Almost 100% Accuracy

While no device can promise 100% accuracy, the brand claims its pendants catch 95% of falls. Plus, in case this does not happen, the client can always buy an extra button to place on the walls. When they push it, the team will call the family and the emergency services at once. 

GPS-Enabled Devices: Protection Even Outside

Some seniors do not spend all their days at home. Instead, they go out shopping, buy groceries, or visit friends and family. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need protection when they are outside. This is why most wearable devices also include a GPS tracker. 

Multiple Compatibility: For Demanding Clients

While the landline models do not have a lot of options, they do have alternatives for other models with a better range of detection and review of an emergency. They can either connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VOIP,  and other systems.

Latest Tech: Always Improving 

As a reputable company, it is always improving its existing models and trying to make the tech better. Then, they include the latest advances in the industry and make their equipment compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AT&T carriers, and more. 

Installation & Setup

The installation process is really simple. The brand intends for the owners to do everything by themselves, without the help of an expert. For this, they ship a box with all the components they will need. 

In this case, the person will have to: 

  1. Unbox the set. The medical system includes a base station, a bracelet, cables to connect the device to the electrical outlet, phone cables, and a user’s manual. 
  2. Insert both wires in the station and then plug them. The directions are quite clear, but just in case, people can take a look at the manual. 
  3. Pair the pendant or wristband up, and they are ready to go. 

Equipment: HIgh-Tech for Just a Monthly Plan

In case the reader is still wondering what options they have regarding the equipment, here are some details on each one of them and their most important functionality.  

MXD – Landline Base Unit: Affordable & Sturdy

Rescue Alert MXD

The MXD landline unit is the easiest to install and use. One of the main benefits of this option is that it comes with two gifts. One of them is a wearable device, such as a pendant. The other present can be a help button or a lockbox where to safely store physical keys.

  • This is the only product that will work with a landline. 
  • The person can also use VOIP as a way of connection. 
  • The MXD equipment responds quickly and accurately to commands. 

MyActive Alert: GPS for Anywhere

Rescue Alert myActive Alert

This is a great pendant suitable even for seniors who have never dealt with this type of emergency device before. They just have to pair it up with the company, and it can be used right away. In addition, it’s very cheap, so the family won’t have problems to afford the medical systems monthly. 

  • Automatic detection technology.
  • Compatible with all the bases offered by the brand. 
  • Almost 1,000 feet of range. 

Wall Button: An Extra Layer of Safety

Rescue Alert Wall Button

For an additional $5 a month, owners can strengthen their security with a wall button. They are not limited in range. In fact, they cover up to 600 feet, which means the whole home plus a yard will be under the reach of this button. 

  • It’s waterproof, which means it can be installed almost anywhere, even in the shower. 
  • The mounting is easy and requires no tools on the part of the owner. 
  • It covers 600 feet. 

Add Ons and Accessories

Those who choose this company because of this Rescue Alert review will be happy to know they can find some extra accessories to increase the health safety of those whom they love. 


The GSP model is the only one that covers elders on the street. They don’t depend on any base or station, so the person can go as far as they prefer and still be covered by the company. On the negative side, the price is a bit expensive. 


  • Connection via AT&T in the whole of the USA. 
  • Uses GPS to track down the owners’ location at all times. 
  • The microphone and the speaker are of very good quality.


If the time comes when the worst happens, the best thing is to be prepared. Don’t let caregivers outside the home. And don’t have the police breaking the door. Instead, they can just use the lockbox to put some keys guarded by a password in case of need.  


  • It can store up to 2 different keys to the home or yard. 
  • The lock has a unique password only known by the owner and by the company. 
  • Data is encrypted, so no hackers will be able to access the vault without permission. 

Rescue Alert Pricing 

This company doesn’t have a great variety of plans or prices. Instead, they offer an array of discounts if clients choose to pay in a period of time instead of monthly. For example, a person who wants to pay the full year in advance will get a 20% discount, while paying quarterly will get buyers 10% off. 

Table of Medical Device Comparison

Let’s take a look at the equipment offered by the Rescue Alert medical alert system to understand how they are similar and how they are different. In particular, when it comes to discounts for advance payments. 

MXD Base Station GPS
Price per Month $27.95  $37.95 
Price per Equipment $199+ monthly payment Not available
Price per Month $32.95 $44.95
Personal Help Button Yes No
24/7 Monitoring Service Yes Yes
USB Charger No Yes
Necklace Lanyard No Yes
Carrying Case No Yes
Included Battery Yes Yes
Lockbox as a Present Yes Yes
Charging Cradle No Yes

MXD – Landline Base Unit

Rescue Alert Pricing MXD

In terms of pricing, there are a lot of options to consider. For example, if the person decides to pay annually, they will get a discount, and the price is $27 per month. Yet, if they want to hire the MXD quarterly, they have to pay $29. 


  • High-quality microphone and speaker
  • VOIP and cable connection
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • Doesn’t offer a medical wearable device

Rescue Alert GPS

Rescue Alert Pricing GPS

The device is easy to use and to transport, as it’s lightweight and small. For $37.95 a month, owners can make use of these services monitored by prepared agents in the team. But the price is only if people decide to pay the year in advance. 

On the negative side, they don’t offer the chance of buying the equipment but only renting it.


  • Includes a charging station
  • Monitored by a trained team of professionals. 
  • Covers the elder no matter where they go.


  • It’s very pricey.

Ease of Use

Both of these medical devices are fairly simple to use. For example, neither of them needs an expert to install it, but the owners can do this themselves. Almost all the reviews praise the durability of the batteries and claim the charger is versatile. 

In terms of the durability of materials, all the products last for years to come. People only complain that the GPS tracker cannot be bought, only rented for a monthly fee or free. 

Customer Experience

So, what is their reputation? Do they really deliver in terms of customer experience and their monitoring center? Let’s review their team and their policies below and make a smart decision each time. 

Terms and Guarantees

There is no section about terms of use on the site. Clients cannot find information on the privacy policy of the company or anything else. If they wish to know more about these topics, they have to reach out to the brand and ask for it. 

Customer Support 

Rescue Alert Customer Support

The customer support team can be reached in several ways. The first and easier is by phone. While they are local numbers to the USA, they have several options toll-free for those who are abroad. Other options include an email address ([email protected]). While their hours of operation go from 8 to 5 pm, they work 24/7 for existing clients with an emergency. 


Rescue Alert reviews are decent almost everywhere. Most customers claim that customer service is great as they answer quickly and swiftly. Plus, the team seems to be well-trained to manage crises.

Buyers also appreciate the lockbox and all the options the brand has to make the system stronger. Another good point is the price and all the discounts for advance payments. On the negative side, the equipment is not really varied, with only 2 options at hand each time. 

FAQ Section

  • Is Rescue Alert Good?

    Yes, it’s a good company with a nice reputation, especially when it comes to their monitoring and review center. They have been in the medical alert systems industry for more than 20 years, and they know what they are doing.

    Plus, most users are satisfied with the service and with the quality of the equipment they bought.

  • Can You Wear Rescue Alert in the Shower?

    People cannot wear the Rescue Alert Medical Alert pendant in the shower for free. This happens because the device is water-resistant and not waterproof. For this, they can simply install a button that will give them extra protection.

  • Can I Return the Rescue Alert Unit?

    Yes, those who are not satisfied with the service can just return the devices they rented. Yet, they will have to pay for the full month, as this money will not be refunded.

Rescue Alert Pros & Cons

Wondering about what things make this system unique? Read these pros and cons regarding Rescue Alerts and pinpoint the most suitable equipment for the home.


  • Cost-efficient. The device is not expensive for all the features it includes for review.
  • The client doesn’t have to sign a long term contract.
  • GPS tracking is available for those elders who go out a lot.
  • The equipment undergoes periodic tests to make sure everything is fine.
  • Soft-touch buttons for seniors who have pain in their hands.


  • The systems don’t include a medication reminder.
  • Smoke detectors are also not features of these devices.

Let the Company Rescue The Seniors

All in all, people should consider Rescue Alert to protect the elders, especially those who live alone. They will not only be protected inside the home’s walls but also outside if they lead an active life. Visiting a friend will no longer be a hazard.

Everything comes at a very reasonable price per month, or buyers can even purchase the whole equipment for themselves. Would you give it a try?
Do you think this option is affordable?

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