Ring Security System Review: Changing Home Protection Through Smart Technology

The Ring security system utilizes a range of equipment and smart home automation technology to keep families protected. Things like video doorbells, two-way voice alarms, and a variety of sensors, secure properties and give homeowners more peace of mind. The goal is to maintain that high level of safety when clients are away and when they’re not.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

Ring Review

Ring Security System Review: In-Depth

The basic premise of this brand is to provide affordable and smart safety solutions that customers can install themselves. Below is a glimpse of their most popular accessories and equipment, as well as a closer look at the company as a whole.

Key Features

The Ring home security system is designed to combat neighborhood crime. Besides keeping all residents aware of current sights and events, the kits include some of its best tools and accessories.

  • Automated Functions
  • Cellular & Wireless Video
  • DIY Installation
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Low Monitor Fees

Ring Home Security Review: Background Information

Ring About

Some Ring security system reviews will explore the different equipment offerings of the company, but it’s also important to see how the brand grew to be where it is today.

Founded in 2013 as Doorbot, a name that reflects its smart, automated doorbell devices. Through crowdfunding efforts, the business raised $364,000, which was $114,000 more than its target. That same year, founder Jamie Siminoff went on the TV series Shark Tank to seek an investor, but he declined a $700,000 offer. The media appearance boosted the startup’s popularity, and it soon earned $5 million in sales.

Today, the enterprise has 1,300 employees and an office headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Amazon acquired the company in 2018 for around $1.5 billion.

Ring Security Features: What Makes This Business Booming

As an Amazon-owned company, this brand has seen huge success among homeowners. Add to that the fact that it specializes in DIY installment and low monthly rates, and it’s a recipe for future growth. Of course, its high-tech devices and accessories also earn high praise.

Scheduled Disarm Times: Auto-Lock and Unlock

It can be annoying to have to arm and disarm the system every day. So, the business made it possible to schedule when the base station should automatically lock up and unlock. This eliminates those sudden worries that someone forgot to alarm the house before heading to work.

24/7 Recording

The system can be synced up to the company’s team of professional monitor agents who can keep track of a household’s video and live streaming feeds. This is particularly convenient for families who are traveling out of town and want to know that their property will remain safe.

No-Rush Arming & Disarming

Ring No Rush Arming

With this system, customers don’t have to worry about running to the system’s control panel and turning off the alarm when they come home. Instead, they can handle all of that and more on their phones. They can simply push a button on their smartphone to lock and unlock everything.

Smarter Alerts

Being able to get real-time notifications about things that are happening in the neighborhood is one of the best aspects of this company. Not only do clients get alerts, but they can share videos and photos and see what other people in the area are finding on their cameras.

Integrated Smart Home Ecosystem

For families who already own an Amazon Alexa or Echo, they can put it to use with their new devices. This works out well since they are all affiliated with Amazon. Unfortunately, those with Google Home Assistant won’t be able to integrate.

Voice Alerts

Those who have an Alexa device can use their voice to command the program to do something with the system. Since both are Amazon products, they integrate seamlessly for greater ease of use. Alexa can also give notifications when someone is approaching the door, or a window is opening.


This is part of the company’s Smart Lighting range of products. These high-tech lights will turn on when they detect motion, keeping the entryway and sidewalk safe for homeowners and visitors. They are battery-powered and don’t require any wiring, so there is less risk of tripping over exposed cords.

Quiet Open

If the alarm is set, but it’s just the family that’s coming home, then they may not want the system to alert them that the door is opening. Quiet Open makes it so they can enter their property without the base station signaling any notifications and commands.

Mobile Control

Being able to control everything in the kit from a mobile device is what makes this brand stand out among competitors. These days, people are tied to their phones, so it makes sense that the company allows for arming and disarming with the push of a smartphone button. Other commands can be accessed online, as well.

Encrypted, Cloud-Based Video Storage

The staff of monitor agents behind the Ring security system can hook families up with cloud-based storage of their video feeds. This is a helpful tool to have on hand when trying to solve issues related to a break-in or stolen package. All of the storage files are encrypted for safety.

Equipment & Installation: User-Friendly Tools & Technology

The Ring home security kit is outfitted with smart tech and DIY-compatible parts that work to create a seamless surveillance system. The customization, third-party integrations, and mobile access are what make it a leading competitor.

Ring App – Constantly Connected, Always Aware

Clients can use their smartphones or tablets to connect to this. It allows them to control the cameras, sensors, alarms, and more, even when they’re away from home. They can also receive notifications right away, so they’re always aware of security changes.

Neighbors App: A Safer, Group Mentality

Ring Nightbor App

This works as a virtual community watch. Anyone with a device in the neighborhood can connect to this and share their footage to let others know about suspicious activity and protect themselves. It can also be a great resource for finding lost pets or packages.

Customizable Home Security: Personalized to the Property

Owners can personalize their safety system by adding some sensors or alarms to their kit. This is a great option for those who travel frequently, have small children or pets, or just want to protect their property.

Smart Connections With Third-Party Devices: Easy Syncing

Perhaps thanks to its partnership with Amazon, the brand can sync up with many high-tech gadgets. Different devices and systems like Alexa are compatible with the kits, so everything in the house can be controlled at once.

24-Hour Battery Backup: Never Run Out of Juice

This super-convenient feature means that customers don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Just in case, the system is built with a full day of backup power to keep everything operating smoothly.

Home Automation: Worry-Free Tasks

The business’ base station functions as a hub and integrates other third-party devices to protect properties. Automated actions can be triggered by voice command, Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, and more.

Cellular Backup: Always Stay Up & Running

This feature is only available on the Protection Plus plan. However, it is good to have on hand because it can maintain a connection to the control panel even if the WiFi or the Internet goes out.

Professional Monitoring: Extra Access to Staff Support

Customers who purchase the Protection Plus package get the advantage of this feature. Company pros can monitor the property for a discounted rate of less than $10 per month. Having staff on hand can allow for faster response times and more access to the base station.

Ring Neighborhoods Beta: Social Safety

This is a social aspect to the security kit in which neighbors can share information and news about the goings-on in the area. By going online, people can post updates, photos, and videos of burglaries, suspicious activity, and more.

Two-Way Conversations: Always Be A Welcome Host

This functionality makes it fun to address whoever is standing at the door. Through the doorbell cam, homeowners can use the app to speak to their visitors. This works even if they’re not currently at home, too. It’s a great way to say “be right there” or “come back later.”

Ring Equipment

All of these tools and devices are a cinch to install and add an extra layer of protection to a property. They sync up to create a full security kit.

Base Station: The Hub of All Devices

Ring Base Station

This is essentially the control panel of the entire safety kit. It plugs into a wall outlet, and all the other equipment connects to it wirelessly. This is where individuals can access the doorbell, cameras, storage, and more.

Ring Alarm Security Kit: All-in-One System

Ring Alarm Home Security Kit

This system works as a separate piece of equipment and therefore requires an upfront payment. It comes with the hub station and a 30-day free trial of the Protect Plus plan. The alarms are 104 decibels and have 24 hours of battery backup.

Keypad: The Nucleus of the Kit

Ring Alarm Keypad

This looks exactly like a touchpad that one would see on a phone or control panel. It’s straightforward and is primarily for arming and disabling the locks. It requires a four-digit passcode and syncs up with the app.

Video Doorbells: See & Hear Visitors

Ring Video Doorbell

Several doorbell models are available, and they all detect motion as people walk up to the home’s entryway. The system will notify users that someone is approaching, and they can then talk to their visitors that way and see who’s there.

Motion Detector: Long-Range Activation

Ring Alarm Motion Detector

As the name suggests, this alerts clients when there is a nearby motion. It works up to 250 feet from the base station, too. Plus, if anyone spots it and tries to tamper with it or open it to remove the batteries, it will send an alert to the customer.

Contact Sensor: Safer Entryways

Ring Contact Sensor

This is the brand’s way of saying door and window sensors. Once it is connected, the mobile app will notify customers every time a door or window is opened or closed. They can also set it up, so an alarm goes off.

Range Extender: Boost Coverage Areas

Ring Alarm Range Extender

Individuals can use this if they want to increase the signal range of the motion sensor. It adds another 250 feet of detection for a total of 500 feet from the base station. It’s perfect for those with a larger yard or property.

Add-On Equipment

These accessories come at an extra cost, but it’s relatively low for the amount of safety and assurance they provide. Below are the company’s add-ons that can go with any pricing plan.

Alarm Smoke & CO Listener: A Life-Saving Combination

Ring Alarm Smoke & CO

While a typical carbon monoxide alarm will go off in the presence of the gas, this one will send notifications to anyone who has it connected to their smartphone or tablet. It costs $35 and can be replaced with the First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm.

Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor: Perfect for Cold Winters

Ring Alarm Flood

This device also costs $35 and is a great option for homeowners who live in areas that experience brutal winters. The threat of a frozen or burst pipe is very real during these cold months, so this sensor is an awesome tool. It can also detect excess water and flooding.

Dome Siren: Accommodate All Clients

Ring Dome Siren

Ring Alarm Home Security Kit can accommodate people who are hard of hearing with this 105-decibel siren. It also has flashing LED lights, so there’s no missing it. It costs $30, and its battery lasts for three years.

Panic Button: A Personal Safety Device

Ring Alarm Panic Button

This accessory adds more assurance to those who live with elderly or disabled family members or those who want extra protection. Pushing the button for three seconds sounds a siren on the Ring system alarms. Customers who have the Plus plan can also contact 24/7 professional monitors and/or the police department.

Ring Security System Installation

Installing these products is as straightforward as it can get. Clients receive that they need to hook up the hub and wirelessly connect everything else. The follow-along instructions are a DIY dream and eliminate the need for an all-day appointment with a technician.

Even things like the doorbells and mounted cameras are quite simple to install and put together. If there are any issues at all, support agents are readily available over live chat or phone.

Ring Alarm System Packages & Prices

The pricing can be a bit difficult to understand because there are packages as well as individual products. As long as a person purchases a device, they get enrolled in the free plan. There are two paid subscriptions as well.

Professional monitoring costs $10 per month, plus there are separate items like doorbells and security cameras and sensors. Below is a detailed look at each of these products.

Monthly Monitoring Fees

The Protection Plus subscription includes a service in which the support staff will monitor the customer’s video feed. It costs just $10 per month, so it’s a worthwhile investment. People can access stored camera footage and save it for future reference, too.

Doorbell Cameras

The enterprise offers several doorbell cameras that differ in price, video quality, and power. The prices range from $99 to $499 and include things like motion detection and high-definition recordings.


This $99 option has an internal battery and 720p HD quality. It takes just five minutes to install it at the front door or entryway. Like the other ones, it has adjustable motion detection.

Version 2

This product is an upgrade from the original and costs $199. It has the same adjustable motion sensors and a five-minute installation. The difference is in the HD quality (1080p) and the removal battery.


This $249 option comes in several color palettes and is hardwired to the overall security system. It boasts 1080p HD video and motion detection that customers can adjust to their liking.


The most expensive choice, the Elite costs $499 and gets its power via ethernet cable. It is available in four sleek designs and has 1080p high-definition video property. The motion sensors are adjustable, and it takes about an hour to set up.

Adjustable Motion SensorYesYesYesYes
Power SourceInternal BatteryRemovable BatteryHardwiredEthernet
Video Quality720p HD1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD
Install Time5 min5 min15 min60 min

Ring Security Cameras

Ring Security Cameras Review

These products can sit in the foyer, on the patio, in the front yard, or anywhere else a homeowner wants them. Each cam has a designated purpose, so check out the details below.

Spotlight Cam Battery

This one can go anywhere a client needs it to light up the exterior. It’s a good choice for corners, driveways, and dark areas behind the house. It comes with a siren and four lighting options.


This is a sun-powered version of the Stick Up Cam. Motion-activated, it connects to the solar panels on top of the roof. In case the day is cloudy, it has a backup battery power supply.


A mounted cam can sit on a shelf or an eave that overlooks the property. It’s a suitable choice for those who want to install a camera to a tricky area of the house, such as around a corner or along a long, dark driveway.


There are a few different wired cameras to choose from. There are two plug-in Stick Up Cams (Original and Elite), as well as an indoor camera that plugs into an outlet.

Stick Up Cam

Built for the indoors and outdoors, this camera comes in wired and battery-operated models. It attaches to the wall or can be placed on a flat surface to survey the entire room or area.

Floodlight Cam

Bathe the entire area in light with this smart version of the traditional floodlight. It is motion-activated and also records video so homeowners can keep track of who wanders onto their premises.

Price $199-$249$149-$229$199-$249$59-199$99-$229$249
Motion- ActivatedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Power SourceWired/solar/batterySolarHardwiredWiredWired/solar/batteryHardwired
Video Quality1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD
Intended UsePathwaysWalkways, roomsAround cornersIndoor AreasRooms, entryways Driveways

Ring Security Protect Plans & Prices

Ring Security Protect Plans & Prices

There are two packages to choose from, although the purchase of any device will automatically enroll the buyer in the free plan. The monthly rates are extremely low, and there is a 30-day refund policy for added assurance.


One doorbell or security camera. Includes the components of the free plan, such as a one-year warranty, access to the cam’s footage, motion alerts, and two months of Live View events. The Basic package costs just $3 per month, or clients can choose to pay the yearly fee of $30.


For those who are willing to shell out $10 per month, they can access 24/7 professional monitors, as many cameras as they want, and cellular backup. The annual rate is $100 and automatically renews once the period is up. They also get everything on the free and basic plans.

Price $0 $3/mo$10/mo
# of Cameras 11Unlimited
Motion AlertsYesYesYes
Video RecordingNoYesYes
Snapshot CaptureNoYesYes
Pro MonitorsNoNoYes
CoverageN/AOne Doorbell or Security CameraAll Devices

Current Deal

The brand regularly offers discounts and promotions, which are listed on the website. These are usually bundles or multi-packs that can save customers anywhere from $30 to $150. Most of these deals involve packs of two, three, or four cameras, such as floodlights or spotlights.

Ease of Use

One of the first things that people notice is the low cost of many of these products. However, there is also the DIY aspect. These devices are super easy to install and, best of all, don’t require any special tools or technician support. Those who need some extra help can always go online to connect to the team and receive a walkthrough tutorial or live chat assistance. On the downside, the products can be a bit glitchy from time to time.

Customer Experience

The overall user experience is positive, with tutorials and resources readily available to clients. There is also a self-service hub on the website where individuals can find answers to FAQs and more.

Terms & Guarantees

Clients are responsible for what they post on the online community since their status updates will be public. Free trials last for 30 days. After that, any footage or recordings the user has will be deleted unless they sign up for a subscription. All fees are billed on the first day of the payment period. Customers automatically get enrolled in auto-renewal, so they will need to manually opt-out if they don’t want to renew. Refunds are granted and processed within 30 days of purchase. Those who have the Plus plan can store and remove their video recordings. Otherwise, they’re automatically deleted.

Ring Customer Service

Ring Support

The help center is available at 877-715-2521 seven days a week between the hours of 5 am and 10 pm MST. There is also a 24/7 live chat on the website. Quick responses aren’t guaranteed, but clients should be able to contact someone after a short wait.


Overall, the company has positive reviews, with most buyers saying that the prices are good and the installation is quick and easy. Lots of people enjoy that they don’t need a technician or sales rep to come out to the house to install the equipment. Rather, consumers can do it all themselves.

Also, the enterprise has improved its selection of items, and now they have something for everyone. This includes video doorbells, safety cameras, smart lighting, and various home alarms.

One of the common complaints is the limited integrations with third-party products, such as Google Home Assistant. This can be annoying if a family already has this automation system, but they can’t use it with their new kit. Also, the technology glitches out from time to time, which hurts the credibility of the business.

FAQ Section

Ring FAQ
  • Is This a Good Security System?

    On the whole, this is a wonderful starter surveillance kit to check out. The more sophisticated products can be quite pricey, but the base station and keypad are two affordable and useful items. Plus, the equipment is very easy to work with, and just about anyone can install it. The user-friendly design and integration make it a good choice for homeowners.

  • Can the Ring Security System be Hacked?

    It would be very difficult for someone to hack into this program. Even so, users need to practice Internet safety and refrain from giving their passcode to anyone. Families should be sure that the password is kept safe and out of sight, too. As long as people aren’t flaunting their devices, they shouldn’t be at risk for hacks.

  • Does the Alarm Need WiFi?

    Ideally, yes. The system is designed to work on WiFi, or at least an Internet connection. This is so that users can access all of their notifications and products from their phones. That being said, there are items in the kit that are battery-operated or plugged into the wall, so they don’t depend on online connectivity.

  • Does Ring Secure Call Police?

    Yes, as long as the customer is subscribed to the Protection Plus plan. This hooks them up with pro monitors who can alert the authorities if need be. Moreover, those who sync their kit to their Alexa device can prompt a call to the police department.

  • Does It Work Without a Subscription?

    Yes. When someone buys one of these products, they automatically get enrolled in the business’ free subscription. It costs absolutely nothing, and it stores the family’s footage and video files. That being said, the most benefit comes out of a Plus subscription, and it starts at just $10 per month.

  • Is Ring or Blink Better?

    Blink is just one of the competitors in the home surveillance niche. It is an older company, and it, too, is owned by Amazon. The business offers indoor and outdoor cameras, wireless mounted devices, and motion detection. Their prices are similar, although Blink doesn’t have nearly as many items. If a consumer is looking for variety and a fully-integrated kit, Ring is the way to go.

Ring Security System Pros & Cons

The simple installation and low monthly rates attract many people to this system. Add to that the mobile compatibility and range of options, and this is a company worth checking out. The downsides are the pricey add-ons and sometimes-glitchy technology.

Purchasing any device from the company automatically enrolls the customer in the free plan. It comes with a one-year warranty and access to live streaming feeds, notifications, and more. That being said, there are no cancellation fees, and consumers aren’t tied into a long commitment.


  • Easy to install.
  • Low rates.
  • Mobile accessibility.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Short-term contracts.


  • Equipment is prone to glitches.
  • Upfront payments required.

Should Consumers Give This Business A Ring?

For those who are new to home surveillance, need security on a budget, and don’t want to deal with too many bells and whistles, this is the answer. They can get started with a kit in no time at all, plus they will always be connected via the mobile app. While there are more technologically advanced companies out there, this brand does a good job of supplying trustworthy solutions and friendly service.

Editorial Staff

Brad has worked as a sales manager in the security sector for 10 years. He is curious, attentive to details, and hard-working. He has dedicated several years to helping customers with their safety and protection. His background has helped Brad to write comprehensive security and life safety materials, which he has been writing for about 4 years. Brad has contributed work to The Washington Post, DailyJournal, Los Angeles Times, and many others.