Samsung Security Camera Reviews: the Final Solution?

This brand is a big name in the tech field in 2021. They make all types of devices, from microwaves to smartphones. But one of their top niches is security cameras, which are made under the Samsung Wisenet brand. These cams are known for their great image quality and strong build. Plus, they come with most of the latest features in the market, like learning faces and voices, for example. Those users who are wondering which of their products are the best will find this Samsung security camera reviews useful.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

Samsung Security Camera Reviews: In-Depth

During the last decade, this brand has grown to the point of being one of the best-known companies in the tech field of 2021. Their hardware is solid, and their software is designed to the detail. This creates a great user experience for most people, and this shows when they leave a review. To see in-depth what they have to offer, read these Samsung security camera reviews.

Key Features: What They Are Proud of

  • Store info locally and online
  • DIY setup
  • Mobile app
  • Instant notifications
  • Live footage
  • Night vision

Background Information

Samsung Background Information

This is one of the most influential companies of today. It was created in Korea in 1935 by Lee Byung-Chul. It started as a trading company and expanded into the tech field in the late 1960s. After the 1990s, they grew their reach and offered their products throughout different markets in the world.

This brand is known for its quality first policy, by which it destroyed all the items that did not achieve its high standards. Their safety products are sold through third-party sites, like Amazon or Walmart. These systems tend to work with this brand’s DVR and Cloud service, which stores all the important footage on the web to access it at any time while protecting people’s privacy.

Features: Do-It-All Cams for Every User

This provider is known for offering cams that are of top-notch quality. And most important, they all include some of the latest features available in the market. To know in detail which they are, read on.

Surveillance Cameras: Keep an Eye on the House

Every Samsung security camera was designed to provide clear image quality in case something happens. The most popular camera is the Smart Cam D1. It comes in three different colors to make sure that it blends with the design of the home, as well as it has the most requested security features.

Weather Resistant: Withstand the Harshest of Climates

Samsung Weather Resistant

This feature is available in all of the outdoor surveillance cameras and devices that this brand offers. It means that all this equipment is resistant to water, dust, and changing temperatures.

Remote Control: An App to Do It All

It is possible to control and monitor all of the smart devices offered in the catalog from any place. This is done straight from the mobile app Smart Cam +, which can be found in all the stores.

2-Way Voice: Speak from Afar

All Samsung Wisenet cams include this feature. Thanks to its mic and speaker, users can hear live what people are saying and answer if they want. Many use it to talk to their dogs while away.

Voice Response: Communicate at Any Time

This feature comes in handy when one is away and wants to communicate with the people at home. It can also be useful to scare intruders away and threaten them with calling the police.

Mobile Alerts: Be Notified on the Spot

When something out of the ordinary happens, the Samsung security camera system will send an alert to the client’s phone or other devices. This will be done through a push notification. Once the user taps on it, he will be shown what happens. And he will be given a chance to respond.

Night Vision: Be Safe at All Times

Samsung security cameras have the capability of recording crystal clear footage. This is so no matter the lighting conditions, even in complete darkness. This works within a radius of 16 feet.

Motion Detection: Nothing Escapes This Detector

This feature triggers an alert every time that the Samsung security camera system detects movement in a certain area. Users can set up up to three zones to monitor. It makes sure that this is not activated by pets. For this, the detector does not count movements coming from very small beings.

High Definition: See Every Detail

Getting a clear image of what is going on is a given with these Samsung security cameras. They offer high-quality images and audio to record even the tiniest of details.

Power Outage Protection: Stay Safe Even Without Electricity

Power outages are a common time for criminals to come out. Fortunately, this company is ready for this. They have included batteries and backup help. In this way, they make sure that the cams are recording, and the users are protected at all times.

Sex Offender Registration: Know Who is Around

This video system includes a face recognition software. It compares the people it records with the ones saved in the registry of sex offenders across the whole country. In this way, one can rest easy knowing who gets close to the house.

Cloud Storage: Access Footage Always

Many of Samsung security cameras are compatible with the brand’s Smart Cloud. In this way, all of the footage is uploaded by itself from the DVR. To ensure that no hacker has access to it, the cloud has three levels of security. In this way, only the client can see it.

Live Streaming: See the Home on the Spot

Clients have the option to see what is going on at home at the moment from anywhere in the world, whether it is at work or during a trip. For this, they only need to have access to the application or the website and a good internet connection.

Equipment & Installation

Samsung Wisenet is an expert in home security. Over their many years in the market, they have developed different devices to suit every need and budget. All these cameras are known for their great quality and reliability. They vary, most of all, in the number of advanced features that are offered. Read on to know more.

SmartCam N2 Home Security Camera: Face Recognition at Its Best

This 1080p cam was designed to be used indoors. To maximize security, it includes face recognition technology. Users can train it to learn familiar faces. But it also compares them with the databases of the country to see if the person coming is a criminal.

Its algorithm also detects strange sounds. And it starts paying special attention when they occur. In these situations, it may trigger alerts. Its software improves image quality at night by implementing the company’s noise reduction.

SmartCam D1 Video Doorbell: Keep an Eye on Every Visit

Samsung SmartCam D1 Video Doorbell

This smart outdoor camera has some of the latest features in the market. If connected with Alexa, one can ask for a report of who was in the house during the day and get it fast. Also, it has a wide field of view, motion detection, and night vision. In this way, users cannot miss a thing.

SmartCam A1 Indoor: Movable and Flexible

This cam comes with HD resolution, which is not top-notch but should be good enough. It can be separated from the hub to place it anywhere in the home. But if it is left on the base, it can cover an amazing angle of 350°.

SmartCam A1 Outdoor: Flexibility for the Outside

Samsung SmartCam A1 Outdoor

This model is pretty similar to the previous one, but it is prepared to be outdoor. For this, it is capable of withstanding dust, water, and changing temperatures. It also works on batteries for more independence. And it can be detached from the base to ensure maximum flexibility without any problems.

SmartCam A1 All-in-One: Prepared for All Types of Scenarios

This Samsung Wisenet camera is a combination of the previous two models. It can be used either indoors or outdoors as the user prefers. Of course, it also has all the same specifications, like HD resolution, a detachable station hub, and a power adapter.

Baby View Eco: An Affordable Solution to Protect the Little Ones

Samsung Baby View Eco

These Samsung security cameras for babies were designed to address all the worries of parents. It comes with two-way audio so that adults can interact with their children without having to be there.

They can also get a report on the conditions of the room, including its temperature. It has reminders for feeding times, seven different lullabies to help babies sleep, and a six-hour battery.

Baby View Premium: A Feature-Packed Option

This is the deluxe edition of the previous camera with a 1080p resolution. It has all its features plus some more. For example, parents can move the camera from afar to get a full picture of the room.

With this purpose in mind, this 1080p video system also includes more advanced sensors to measure humidity and air quality.

And for those who want to keep track of their baby’s growth, or just make a new photo album, the cam saves a pic of the baby every day.

8-Channel 5MP DVR Surveillance System: Ideal for a Whole House

Samsung 8-Channel 5MP DVR

This is the complete DVR that this provider has to offer. It is prepared to work both inside the home and outside it. And the best part is that it can record and process the information of up to eight channels at the same time.

Samsung Wisenet IP Cameras: The Latest in Lens Quality

These 1080p cams stand out for their great image quality. They have a wide dynamic range so that they can get a good look at who is coming even if the scene is backlit.

At night, they can record within distances of up to 32 feet no matter the amount of light available, which is quite impressive. They have a field of view of 130° and include a lens that corrects distortions in the image.


The setup process is super simple and can be completed in just minutes.

  1. To get started, plug the devices into a power outlet.
  2. Then, download the Samsung security camera app from Google Play or iTunes depending on the operating system of the smartphone.
  3. Open the application, and a popup will show step by step what to do to carry out the installation.
  4. First, the user will be prompted to create an account and connect the devices to the wireless networks.
  5. And then, the user will just have to follow a few instructions, and the process will be almost done by itself.

Samsung Price & Packages

All the cams have to be paid upfront. But this is not the only cost. This brand also offers a monthly plan for those who want to store their home recordings. Depending on the option, the amount of info that can be stored will vary. To know how much having one of these systems will cost, read on.

Smart Cloud

This is one of the brands stand out tools. It is protected by three layers of security to ensure that only the user has access to his content. This feature is available only for the most advanced cams and DVRs. Of course, those who use the Samsung security camera app can also check their footage on the go.

Starter plan Essential plan Elite plan
Monthly fee$4.99$7.99$19.99
Annual fee$49.99$79.99$199.99
Days of doorbell footage360180
Days of camera footage5721

Smart Cloud Starter Plan

This plan was designed for those who are just getting started and need basic security. Its most important feature is its very low fee per month, which can be lowered even more if paid upfront for the whole year.

  • Stores up to 30 days of doorbell camera footage.
  • Saves 5 days of footage from other cams.
  • Super cheap pricing.

Smart Cloud Essential Plan

This plan provides the right balance between long-term storage and affordable pricing. Its main features include the following.

  • Footage recorded with the doorbell camera stays on the cloud up to 60 days.
  • Continuous recording with other cameras is stored for 7 days.
  • Affordable monthly plans with discounts for upfront payment.

Smart Cloud Elite Plan

The elite plan is ideal for those who need to keep the info on the cloud for a long time, like many small businesses. Of course, this is also reflected in how much it costs.

  • Allows up to 180 days of storage of doorbell videos.
  • Camera footage stays online for 21 days.
  • Rather pricey at $19.99 per month, but there are discounts.

Equipment Prices

Samsung Wisenet includes a wide variety of cams in its catalog, for all types of budgets. All of them are prepared to protect different types of homes with their high-quality footage and cloud storage. Of course, for this people should take into account not only the fee per month for the cloud storage but also the following prices of each device.

  • ZSmartCam N2 Home Security Camera: $199.99
  • SmartCam D1 Video Doorbell: $229.99
  • SmartCam A1 Indoor: $199
  • SmartCam A1 Outdoor: $146
  • SmartCam A1 All-in-One: $199.99
  • Baby View Eco: $129
  • Baby View Premium: $269
  • 8-Channel 5MP DVR Surveillance System: $449
  • Samsung Wisenet IP Cameras: $109.99

Ease of Use

The whole video system is pretty intuitive. The setup process is carried out almost by itself with very little intervention from part of the user. After plugging in the devices, they only have to follow the instructions on their phones’ screens.

The mobile application was designed with simplicity in mind. Users can access all the info there with just a few taps. As regards the devices, there is very little that the users can control without using the application. So, there should be no problems with them.

Customer Experience

This is one of the most popular brands in the world, thanks to the quality of their products. And when it comes to their home security devices, this is even more so. To get an idea of what their service is like, keep on reading.

Terms and Guarantees

This info can be found on the company’s web site as well as in its manuals. There, the brand specifies under which conditions the users will be able to use the devices. And they also state which are their obligations.

In one of their sections, the company talks about what they do with the sensitive info they gather to protect people’s privacy. They claim that only the users have access to what is stored in the cloud. This info is not available for the team to see without permission. And they cannot share it with anyone else or sell it.

Customer Support

This brand offers many options for users to get in contact with the team. They can call at 1-800-726-7864 from a mobile phone 24/7. Users can also schedule a time in which they want a representative to call. And there is good news for those who feel more comfortable solving their problems online. People can choose to chat with a member of customer care on the site.


In general, users love the high-quality footage that the cams record in terms of audio and image. They claim that in this way, they can see every detail. They also highlight how intuitive the app and the setup process are.

As regards the aspects to work on, some users mention that the motion detector is either too sensitive or does not detect anything. There is an option to tweak this in the settings, but some users still found this to be a challenge. Despite this, all in all, most people claim that everything works as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Wisenet a Good Security System?

    Yes, Wisenet is one of the best options to keep the house safe. These cameras are easy to set up. Plus, they record a sharp 1080p quality video. That means that they offer a clear view of what is going on.

    On top of that, the security tool includes night vision and power outage protection. So, they make sure that they keep on recording no matter what. That is impressive. They can also detect movements. And they have a 2-way voice option too.

  • How Did Samsung Get so Big?

    It is a Korean company. At first, it did not sell electronics as it does now. It started as a trading company in 1938. That is more than 90 years ago. In 1995, its “quality first” policy started. The company burnt all failed products.

    So, all products had to follow high standards. Now, it is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

  • What App Do You Use for This Video System?

    These security cameras come with the Smart Cam + App. It is free and easy to set up. With this application, anyone can control their Wisenet devices on the go. All the stores have it. So, Android and iPhone users can get it. Just a quick search, and it is ready to download.

    There is also a QR code. One can just scan the code to download it.

  • How Do I Reset My Wisenet Camera?

    It is very easy to reset this camera. There are two ways. One is with the app. It is possible to reset the password with the Smart Cam + App. But, if access to the app is lost, there is another way.

    The company has a customer service phone number. With a simple call, the Wisenet camera can be reset in just some minutes.

Samsung Pros & Cons

This brand offers top-notch devices. But still, nothing is perfect. Users deserve to better understand what this company has to offer and which areas could need some improvement. For this, here goes a detailed description of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Crystal-clear night vision capabilities
  • High-definition image quality
  • Fast and reliable cloud storage
  • Super intuitive mobile app
  • A simple and automatic setup process


  • Some software glitches
  • The motion detector is too sensitive

Samsung Security Camera: An Affordable Solution for Many

Samsung Wisenet is one of the top brands in the home security market in 2021. They have some of the best image quality available. And they offer sturdy devices and affordable prices. And what is more, almost every user leaves a good review of their systems.

There is some room for improvement in terms of software. But this is something that the company will fix for sure with future software updates as they come out. Those who are looking for a reliable system that does not break the bank should check this one out.

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