Samsung Security System Review: Are These Gadgets & Services Best?

Android users may be surprised by reading this overview. It turns out that their phone service provider also helps with residential safety with some assistance from a trusted surveillance brand. To see if it measures up to other DIY systems out there, this Samsung home security system review will look at a few key metrics.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 23, 2020

Samsung Home Security System Review: In-Depth

Samsung Security Review

Consumers can now experience a partnership between two well-known systems. Samsung home security combines residential surveillance and integration among devices through a DIY approach. Previous clients of either of these companies will feel like their service is now on a brand-new level. Here is an idea of what to expect, including 2021 prices and deals.

Key Features

Merging the expertise of both brands, the Samsung safety systems are streamlined and adapted to the modern consumer.

  • Custom automations
  • Environmental sensors
  • Life & household safety
  • Professional surveillance
  • Various device integrations
  • Wireless systems

Background Information

Samsung has been in the electronics business since the 1970s and has been developing ever since. A few years ago, it joined forces with ADT Inc., another company with a long and rich history in safety and communications. Together, the brands have an automated surveillance hub, complete with cutting-edge technology and all-around protection. Customers can choose from three monthly plans that monitor smoke, water leaks, motion near entryways, and more. Plus, they can add on products as their needs change.

Stand-Out Amenities & Features

The Samsung home security system came into the residential surveillance game with decades of expertise. Therefore, the offerings were modern and advanced from the start. That isn’t to say that the ecosystem is perfect, but clients will enjoy features like wireless technology, intelligent integrations, and more.

Professional Monitoring: Affordable Surveillance

Samsung Professional Monitoring

These monthly packages come at a decent price point and are quite accessible for many consumers. Families have the choice of deciding on their level of expert monitors, and each package has the assurance of cellular backup. Plus, households get protection against intruders and environmental threats as well as assistance in emergencies.

Optional Professional Services: Take it or Leave it

The experts behind the cameras and products are available to clients 24/7. That said, if customers don’t want to opt-in to a monitored plan, they don’t have to. Optional services let families choose what’s best for their property and needs. Even so, the low monthly rates combined with short and sweet contracts is a tempting offer.

Home Automation Customization: Pressure-Free Buying

With all of the add-ons and the ability to expand with time, families don’t have to feel pressured to purchase a specific plan. They can choose the one that fits their needs at the moment, knowing that they have the option to grow their collection as time goes on. That kind of personalized freedom can’t be taken for granted.

Wireless Technology: Dependable Connections Every Time

Given that both brands work in the communications industry, it’s not a surprise that the devices come with cellular backup and can connect in lots of different places. This makes for more enjoyable customer experiences and makes the kits more competitive among other DIY kits.

Mobile Alerts: One-Touch Updates & Organization

The SmartThings app is a one-stop-shop for text alerts, push notifications, and up-to-the-second information on the household systems. This is also where clients can customize their automation, manage integrations, and get updates from the brand. Customers will enjoy being able to manage and organize everything from the palm of their hands, creating a worry-free mindset no matter where they are.

Equipment & Installation

While the exciting features can pull consumers in, they also need to know that their purchase will stand the test of time and be easy to maintain. Here’s a look at how the installation process works, as well as available additional products.

The Hub: The Brains of the Operation

Samsung The Hub

Consider this the nucleus of the entire organism. Physically, it’s a small touchscreen panel that displays relevant information. This includes:

  • Arm/disarm controls
  • Battery information
  • Lighting & temperature modules
  • Motion & entry sensors
  • Status settings

This device also has a built-in siren, which adds more assurance to families. In case of an emergency, the siren goes into response mode and can trigger the expert team back at the monitor center. The touchscreen is dual-encrypted to allow for wire-free communication between the hub and other devices within the system, be it locks, smoke alarms, or motion detectors.

Two Door & Window Detectors: Protect the Property’s Perimeter

Samsung Two Door & Window Detectors

Protecting the entryways is crucial, so the system comes armed with multiple contact sensors for doors and windows. The second someone tries to crack open a window or push through a doorway. The trigger will go off, alerting the entire system. This will also set off the high-decibel siren on the touchscreen panel.

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Z-Wave
  • Included in all three monitored plans
  • Simple to install
  • Valued at $19.99

Motion Detector: Spot Strangers While Avoiding False Alarms

Samsung Motion Detector

A straightforward device, the motion detector will instantly trigger when a stranger or intruder walks into or through the house. Clients can alter custom settings and preferences to reduce false alarms. For instance, they can set specific times when no one should be moving around in the house, such as at three o’clock in the morning.

  • Detects lights and sounds
  • Pet-friendly
  • Syncs with the main control panel
  • Valued at $33.99

LTE Cellular Backup Module: No Power, No Problem

A common worry among customers who purchase DIY surveillance kits is that they will be left unprotected if the power goes out. Fortunately, this ecosystem has an LTE backup module that will connect to mobile data if the WiFi network is lost or compromised.

  • Doesn’t require wires or Ethernet cables
  • Maintains expert monitor services
  • Won’t disrupt text alerts and access

Cameras: Models For Any Budget & Property

Samsung Cameras

The wide range of Samsung home security cameras is quite impressive, especially considering they are available at all plan tiers. Also, clients can try them out without signing on to a lengthy contract or monthly subscription. ADT has recording equipment for indoor and outdoor use, with many offering top features like night vision, two-way audio, and wide-angle lenses. Other benefits include:

  • Custom movement detection zones
  • High-resolution quality
  • Local media/video storage
  • Video doorbell option
  • Weather-resistance

Add-On Equipment

There are seemingly endless options for customers who want to start with a smaller package and build up as their needs change. They have that kind of flexibility here, and some bundles can make the decision even easier.

Home Safety Expansion Pack: Steer Clear of Elemental Threats

This kit will take a basic safety package to the next level by providing environmental protection against fire, gas, and water damage.

  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Smoke monitor
  • Water leak detector

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Great for Large Households

For those who have a bigger property and want to cover all of their bases, there are add-on CO2 monitors. Stick these in crucial areas such as:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Bedrooms

Door & Window Detector: Expand Beyond the Basic Entry Points

Again, families with a bigger house may have more doors and windows to worry about. These add-on sensors are perfect for those spaces that aren’t covered by the starter kit.

  • Dens/offices
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Kitchen nooks

SmartThings Motion Detector: Ensure Full Coverage & Protection

Burglars can sneak their way into some pretty tricky entryways. Additional movement sensors are ideal for those not-so-obvious parts of the house.

  • Back decks/patios
  • Patios
  • Spare rooms

Smoke Alarm: Better to be Safe Than Sorry

Most households have at least one smoke detector, but that’s rarely enough. Don’t forget other spots such as:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Enclosed porches
  • Guest rooms/bathrooms

Keychain Remote: Lock Up With the Push of a Button

Sometimes clients can’t be bothered to take out their phones and open the safety app, but they want a way to arm and disarm the system seamlessly. This keyfob is perfect. Stick it on:

  • Backpacks
  • Car keys
  • Purses/wallets

SmartThings Water Leak Detector: Prevent Trickles From Becoming Tidal Waves

Most homeowners detest water damage and leaks. Those annoying little drips can turn into a big mess down the line. This detector helps with:

  • Consistent leaking
  • Excess moisture
  • Seeping water

Motion Sensor: Custom Alerts & Convenience

This movement trigger is designed to work with the accompanying app for even easier use and convenience.

  • Auto-connected
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

Dimming Outlet: Get the Mood Just Right

Another product that works with the mobile program; this plug-in is perfect for timing nightlights and effortlessly lowering the brightness in the room.

  • Mobile app control
  • On-demand settings
  • Timers/repeaters
  • Zigbee-compatible

Arrival Sensor: Honey, I’m Home!

This nifty device lets clients customize their system automation to perform just how they want when they step through the door. Some things they can personalize:

  • Arm/disarm
  • Lighting
  • Temperature

Intelligent Outlet: A Simple Upgrade

This lets customers transform any outlet in their house into an intelligent, remote-controlled outlet. There are two options:

  • 2018 Outlet
  • WiFi Plug

Multi-Purpose Sensor: Perfect For a Busy Parent

For those with rambunctious kids or pets, this sensor can work as eyes and ears in every room.

  • Get notified when windows open
  • Know when a door or cabinet is ajar
  • Receive reminders about unlocked doors

Leviton In-Wall Switch: Remote Access, Unparalleled Control

With this nifty gadget, clients can tap into their phone menu and control things like:

  • Dimming timers
  • Motion-activated lights

Sylvania Connected A19 RGBW LED: Remote-Controlled Ambiance Lighting

Take a boring light bulb to the next level with this Sylvania model. It lets customers control:

  • Brightness/dimness
  • Bulb color
  • Intensity

Sengled Element Classic A19 Bulb: Create a Cozier Space

Another partner light module, this one is highly affordable and compatible with the ecosystem.

  • Brightness/dimness customizations
  • Soft white color
  • Works with Alexa and Google

Yale Smart Locks: For Password-Protected Properties

These deadbolts don’t come cheap, but they do add extra safety and reinforcements to the household locks.

  • Passcode-protected
  • Remote keypad access
  • Unlock the door without getting up

Halo Smart Smoke + CO Alarm: Commercial-Grade Detection

Besides alerting families of smoke and carbon monoxide, this gadget also has a color-changing nightlight and gives weather updates. Other features include:

  • Battery backup
  • Voice alerts
  • WiFi connectivity

GE Outdoor Light Plug & Control Power Outlet: Give the Yard Some Love

Spruce up the front or backyard with this handy plug-in. It can transform the porch bulbs or other light modules into a lovely, timed display.

  • Custom automation
  • Motion-activated
  • Weather-resistant

Aeotec Siren (Gen 5): A Siren on Steroids

Customers who want to supplement the touch screen panel’s siren can opt for this one.

  • 105 decibels
  • Emergency strobe lighting

GE In-Wall Switch (Zigbee): Works With Alexa, Too

Connect this gadget, and it syncs with the entire system. From there, clients can use the phone app to control things like:

  • Automated responses (motion, voice)
  • Lighting schedules
  • On/off functions

Monitoring Kit: For Those Who Bypassed Professional Surveillance

Those who decide to forgo the optional expert-monitored service can go with this bundle. It’s mostly focused on automation, such as:

  • Light modules
  • Multi-purpose sensors
  • Temperature controls


Both companies have a reputation for being quite simple to set up, and these kits are no exception. Most individuals will be just fine scanning the QR code on their products and connecting them to the central panel. Even if they add newer products later, the DIY installation is straightforward. The touchscreen tablet comes with mounting tools as well as a stand, so people can put it anywhere they’d like. They just need to keep it within a reasonable range of the hub.

Samsung Security Prices & Packages

When looking at and comparing all of the costs, keep in mind that there are subscription plans as well as equipment fees. The Samsung SmartThings ADT Security Starter Kit is a simple starting point for new customers. The upfront cost is $499, which isn’t the best but includes a nice bundle of sensors, motion detectors, and the touchscreen panel.


The kit works seamlessly with any of these three monitored plans. Starting at just $15 per month, they range in their features and capabilities.

1. Home & Life Safety

This package is concerned with keeping everyone in the household safe and sound. To achieve that goal, it comes with environmental protection in the form of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as well as water leak detection. Expert monitors that will watch over the camera footage and alerts 24/7 in case an emergency strikes. It costs $14.99 per month.


  • Covers elemental disasters
  • No long-term contracts
  • Round-the-clock pro monitoring


  • Very basic & usually requires add-ons

2. Security Monitoring

For a monthly fee of $24.99, families can get increased protection against intruders and burglaries. The package includes the basics, like smoke and CO2 monitors, while adding on the assurance of panic alerts. Again, it’s a plan that comes with 24/7 monitoring, and all of the gadgets work with the touch screen panel.


  • Cellular backup
  • Greater emergency response
  • Intrusion detection


  • Lacks automated settings

3. Total Monitoring

The package is the most expensive, at $34.99 each month. Still, it’s cheaper than several other competitors out there. This subscription combines the best elements of the two lower plans for more indoor and outdoor protection. Customers can manage their notifications and settings right from their phones. This allows them to arm/disarm the sensors or view their device history, among other things.


  • All-around coverage
  • Competitive price
  • Mobile control


  • Doesn't add any new equipment


Since every new customer gets underway with the starter kit, here is a more in-depth run-down of what to expect. Although it contains the basics, it comes with all of the essentials for beginners to life and residential safety.

ADT Security Hub

Resembling a tablet or iPad, this tool has a seven-inch screen and displays important information such as system status, connectivity, and movement detection. The aesthetics aren’t amazing, but it can easily fit into any household environment thanks to its mounting stand and adhesive tape.

Two Door & Window Detectors

Stick these on the most vulnerable entry points for a boost of safety and convenience. Any time the system is in the armed mode, these sensors will trigger the alerts whenever the respective door or window opens.

Motion Detector

This is a pretty basic piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Place these near the front entryway or the kids’ rooms to get instant notifications of unexpected movement. Alerts will go to the touchscreen control panel and the user’s mobile app.

LTE Cellular Backup Module

This feature adds the peace of mind of knowing that the system won’t go offline in case of a power outage. Rather, it will connect to mobile data until the WiFi network is restored.

Add-On Equipment Prices

This is where families can play around with personalizing their equipment packages. Below are all of the bundles and products that clients can purchase for an extra cost. It’s best for those who have a larger property to review the list and see which products can bolster their protective efforts.

  • Safety Expansion Pack $169.99
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm $74.99
  • Door & Window Detector $19.99
  • Motion Detector $33.99
  • Smoke Alarm $79.99
  • Keychain Remote $24.99
  • Motion Detector $33.99
  • Water Leak Detector $34.99
  • Motion Sensor $39.99
  • Dimming Outlet $44.99
  • Arrival Sensor $29.99
  • Outlet $44.99
  • Multi-Purpose Sensor $39.99
  • Leviton In-Wall Switch $44.99
  • Sylvania Smart Connected A19 RGBW LED $39.99
  • Sengled Element Classic A19 Bulb $9.99
  • Yale Smart Locks $179.99 & up
  • Halo Smart Smoke & CO Alarm $129.99 & up
  • GE Outdoor Light Plug & Control Power Outlet $44.00
  • Aeotec Siren (Gen 5) $49.99
  • GE In-Wall Smart Switch (Zigbee) $52.00
  • Monitoring Kit $199.00

Ease of Use

On the whole, the Samsung home security ecosystem is well-designed and works as it’s supposed to. The process to unpack it, set it up, review the controls, and sync all the products is straightforward and fuss-free. On the downside, individuals need to pay attention to which brand the devices come from. It turns out that each company can only monitor its respective products. The system is not the most intuitive, but most people can get over the initial navigation issues. That also goes for the mobile application, as it is prone to glitches from time to time.

Customer Support

In general, the customer service team, and corporate as a whole, are helpful. The most common issue is finding a representative who is familiar with the residential surveillance niche of the company.

Terms & Guarantees

The company’s legal policies make it clear that it offers links and materials from third-party sites and providers. Purchased products are eligible for the 30-day refund policy. The expansion pack, starter kit, and other items are covered by a limited one-year warranty. This covers things like maintenance and parts replacement. Financing is available with $0 down and payment terms up to three years. The company also offers free shipping on orders, as well as several featured 2021 promotions.


The support team typically provides a satisfactory client experience. The only thing to look out for is finding a brand agent or representative with expertise in this division and can offer Samsung review assistance. As for ways to get in touch with the staff, customers can contact them via email, phone, and 24/7 live chat on the website.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Samsung Reviews

The typical Samsung review is mostly positive. Customers only report a couple of major problems, most of them centering on pricing and issues with the support team. On the plus side, the enterprise has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, on Trustpilot, the company has a poor rating with just two out of five stars. Most of the complaints there are about cost, stating that the packages and subscriptions add up to higher-than-average prices.

Others report that this brand has decent offerings, but as far as residential surveillance goes, its camera line-up is not the best. It’s great that there are interior and exterior options, but the cams are only capable of basic functions. Other providers have much more capable surveillance products.

Frequently Aasked Questions

  • Does SmartThings Work With ADT?

    Yes, although the way it works isn’t always the most intuitive. All of the safety features require the ADT control panel to work. From there, individuals can decide whether they want professional monitors or if they’d rather opt for additional equipment to help them out.

  • What Cameras Are Compatible With Samsung SmartThings?

    There are lots of indoor and outdoor cams that integrate with the equipment. Besides ADT, other recognizable brands have surveillance products that work with the ecosystem, such as Arlo and D-Link. Of course, the brand itself has a variety of cams that clients can pursue. Some popular examples include the HD Plus 6417 and 6414, and the SmartCam HD Pro. There are other compatible choices from Foscam and Ring. It’s best to check out reviews for a closer look at compatibility.

  • Does It Have Water Sensors?

    Yes. The enterprise has a flood detector with battery-powered sensors for wireless connectivity and convenience. It syncs up with SmartThings to provide quick notifications. Plus, the sensor comes with additional services such as 24/7 expert monitors and professional installation. When it’s connected to all of the automated systems, families can remotely view camera feed around the detectors.

  • What Can People Do With the Samsung Hub?

    They can create their desired smart household system by syncing it up with Amazon Alexa or their Z-Wave and Zigbee products. Even without those integrations, the control panel can display the current system settings and any updates. The device itself is already equipped with a built-in siren, and it comes with a couple of door/window sensors and a motion detector. People can use it to track environmental threats like smoke and temperature, as well as any integrated services like image and video.

Samsung Security Pros & Cons

Odds are, most people have seen the SmartThings logo on many of their household electronics. This is because the system is compatible with so many other gadgets, including cameras and other video equipment. It also works with a few different smart lighting modules. All of this allows for great customization and a vast array of features. On the other hand, things can get pricey quickly, and reviews report quite a few technical glitches that will keep some consumers away.


  • A vast range of compatible integrations
  • Customizations and automation
  • Feature-heavy ecosystem
  • Indoor & outdoor cams
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Equipment not included in monthly pricing
  • Glitchy app

Conclusion: A Match Made in Heaven or a Pathetic Partnership?

All in all, this is a smooth collaboration and one that existing customers will most likely enjoy. Even newcomers will find something to get excited about, be it the variety of integrations, the scope, and range of the equipment, or the short-term contracts.

Editorial Staff

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