Sesame Smart Lock Review: the Reinvention of Security

At times, locks can get damaged, get old and rusty, or owners can lose their keys. Luckily, today there are plenty of alternatives, such as smart locks. These can be used without annoying screwdrivers, tools, or other specific things. Also, these systems can integrate with others that can make a family feel even safer at their own home. Readers who want to know more about their options should examine this Sesame smart lock review and see what it can offer.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

Sesame Smart Lock Review: In-Depth

As stated above, smart locks can be great additions to one’s home security. It’s small, easy to use, and has a friendly price. Plus, it has integrations with smart homes and other benefits that make it different from other competitors. Interested so far? Read on this Sesame smart lock review and discover everything the device has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice
  • Lithium battery
  • Elegant design
  • Access codes for up to 99 guests
  • Two-way verification

Background Information

Sesam Background Information
Candy House, the company that develops Sesame, started operating in 2015. They began as a crowdfunding campaign that promised something magical. This was opening the door with an electronic key right from one’s phone (either Android or iOS vests). They had a lot of success, and soon they were launching their own company with lots of employees. In just two months, they had raised 1.4 million dollars to develop new and exciting products in the field.

Today, Candy House keeps on working to come up with devices that add up to one’s safety. They work with prototypes, vests, and even 3D printers to try out the locks and see if they improve the security of knocking on doors or not. Plus, they also have a team that takes care of probable issues. In this way, the app is always improving and works with Google and iOS.

Features: What it Has to Offer

Smart locks have a lot of things to offer. First, they don’t require a physical key, so there is no risk of losing them or having problems with fraud. But the most important one is that they have two-factor authentication. So, they will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make sure the person entering the house is allowed to.

Access Codes & Users: Bring Guests

If the owner is not home or he doesn’t want to open the door to the nanny, he can give them guest access codes. These are limited keys to enter the house for a certain period. Plus, the device also gives them the chance of creating users for each member of the family.

New and Improved: Sturdy as Always

The design has been upgraded from previous versions. Now it’s more compact, sturdy, and stylish to suit any door. In addition, the new specs solve certain security problems from the past.

Unlock Your Door With Your Smartphone: Just Seconds

This is one of the main functions of the system. Different from traditional keys, people can just open the door from afar. If they are very near the door and live in a safe area, the client can just tap on the screen of his or her phone and open the door in seconds.

Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock: More Convenient & Fast

Plus, users can program and schedule the same feature to function at different days and times. For instance, let’s imagine a man comes back from home at 5 pm every day. Then, this person can schedule an auto-unlock to work at that time. And the best part is that this will only work if he is nearby. The device will know because of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

View History Log: Keeping Track of Everything

Those who always want to know what is happening at home have the advantage of a history log. This section in the app keeps track of all the actions people take as regards the door. In this way, owners can have more control over safety.

Battery & Additional Specs: Reliable & Durable

Different from others who only include alkaline batteries, Sesame has Lithium ones. This makes it better to save some money because they are usually rechargeable.

WiFi Access Point: Even More Comfort

This device is most useful when trying to open one’s door from a distance. Without it, it won’t be possible to use Wi-Fi to access it. Plus, it can store and remove codes with ease.

Keep Your Old Key: For More Traditional Users

Nobody should be worried about replacing their old keys. They will still work. What Sesame does is add a layer of extra protection to the system the person already has. So, if it runs out of battery, then the owner will still be able to enter his home.

Installs in Seconds: Easy to Carry Out

The setup process is very easy. Owners don’t have to be tech-savvy or have a lot of tools to carry it out. With just a screwdriver, they can insert this smart lock in their existing deadbolt. From there, it will start working in just minutes.

Smart Home System Integration: For the Most Demanding

Voice assistants are useful when connecting products with Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, or other smart home systems. If that’s the case of the buyer, they can buy at ease knowing Sesame will be compatible with almost any system.

Warranty: Some Peace of Mind for the Buyer

The product comes with a limited warranty of 10 years. It can be bought through Amazon. This means they will cover any defects from manufacturing. Plus, if the device breaks down before a decade, Candy House also offers to repair the deadbolt and the knock free of charge.

Installation and Setup

The idea is that everyone can install their own device without the help of an expert.

Some things to consider before doing so include:

  • It only works with single cylinder deadbolts. If the mechanism is different, it won’t be possible to install it.
  • Just put the smart lock over the traditional one, and it will immediately attach to it. The whole process just takes a few seconds.
  • Install the app on one’s smartphone, and that’s it. The software works with both Android and iOS. The device is ready to go.

Sesame Smart Lock Pricing

As stated above, it only takes a few minutes to set up this video device. Now, how much is it worth and what specs does it include? First, the smart lock has a feature for speed and convenience. With just one tap on the screen, the device opens up the door. Of course, it has a lot of security verification before doing so.

Table of Device’s Comparison

Let’s review all the choices available in the market, so nobody knocks at the door without one’s knowledge. The other option available is to purchase the Wi-Fi access point. This gives owners the option of connecting the lock with Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and other smart home systems.

Sesame Smart Lock Sesame Wi-Fi Point
Price $150.00 $220.00
traditional keys
Yes Yes
to unlock
No Yes
with Apple Watch
Yes Yes
View history No Yes
Voice Controls Yes Yes
Log in via
Yes Yes
Auto-unlock Yes Yes
Add or emove guests No Yes

Ease of Use

Most clients claim the smart lock is easy to access, without any complications. First, they mention the installation process. There, nobody needs to be an expert or know a lot about deadbolts to get it started.

Then, they also praise the app and the setup. For example, giving new keys to guests or other family members takes only seconds.

Customer Experience

Sesame’s customer experience has a reputation since it began on Kickstarter. Yet, it may be hard to get a hold of them by phone or email. Take a look at all the details below before making a buying choice.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms and guarantees are very specific in all cases. For example, they have a section on shipping and returns that explains how the product will arrive at home. And if the client would like to give it back because it’s faulty, it also has a detailed guide for that. Plus, the terms of service state the company will never share a password with any third-party web or app. The data is encrypted so nobody can access the private information of clients’ homes.

Customer Support

The customer support service is a bit lacking. The website makes it very hard to find a section to ask for help. It only shows the social media of the company plus an email address ([email protected]) and nothing else.

If buyers have any kind of questions or doubts, they will have to send an email or a Facebook message to the team and wait for an answer.


Sesame smart lock gets fairly positive reviews online. For instance, some buyers praise its portability. They claim they are able to take the lock with them wherever they go, even if they move house. Plus, their best reviews claim that the pro device doesn’t have any fees or hidden costs.

The only thing people will have to buy is a Wi-Fi adapter if they want to use the Internet connection and a video feature at home and know when someone is knocking at the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does the Sesame Smart Lock Work?

    It works in a very simple way. The first thing to do is to attach the device to the existing lock. Don’t worry, no tools or tech is needed. The next step is to download an app into a smartphone (Android or iOS vests will do).

    The app is essential to monitor what is going on in the home. But also to grant access to guests and other members of the family. All in all, then, everything can be controlled through one’s phone.

  • Will Sesame Fit my Lock? What Can I Do if Sesame Doesn't Fit Perfectly?

    To answer the first question, the company has prepared a checklist. It is free, and anyone can download it from their home page. Taking a look at this list, users will know if the Sesame lock is compatible or not. Now, if it does not fit, the company can help the owner.

    They will provide adapters or 3D files to produce them if possible. At some points, it may not be able to use the Sesame unless they replace the traditional lock they have.

  • Is the Sesame Smart Lock Safe?

    Yes, it’s safe. It has been developed by certified professionals. Also, it has been inspected by US authorities in the field. Most people also claim the video device has strengthened their safety inside the home.

  • Can I Use Sesame on a Multi-Revolution Lock?

    No, this is not possible. The Sesame device can only work with single-turn bolts. The only solution is to change it or look for a different type of product that can work with the door at home.

  • How Do I Register My New Sesame?

    The first thing to do is to pair up the product with the app installed in a device. Buyers can do this through Bluetooth and the Wi-fi network. Then, they have to create an account with a username and password.

    Plus, they have to use the code they received when they bought the product. In case the client still has doubts, they can check out a video with clear instructions prepared by the company.

Sesame Pros & Cons

Take a look at the following advantages and disadvantages of this product. They will help you get a clear picture of the situation before decided whether to buy it or not.


  • Ideal for home renters, like the lock, will be portable with ease.
  • Simple installation and an easy-to-use app so nobody has issues when using them.
  • Compatible with a lot of accessories to strengthen security at home
  • Wi-Fi options are available for two-factor authentication.
  • GeoFence and guest keys are available, too.


  • The design can improve (too much plastic).
  • Those who want to use a Wi-Fi connection have to buy an additional product.

Get the Best Product for an Affordable Price

All in all, clients looking for an unobtrusive, simple device can have in Sesame a great product. It has a lot of benefits for an affordable price. In this Sesame smart lock review, clients have all the info they need to decide whether they want the simple lock or the one that comes with a Wi-Fi adapter.

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