Simplisafe Cameras Review: Simple Protection for Demanding Clients

No matter how many opinions are online, security cameras bring about positive effects on those who buy them. From more safety to peace of mind and even yard monitoring, these devices always come in handy. And a good company to hire is Simplisafe, based in the USA. Those interested should read this Simplisafe cameras review to get to know more about the perks they offer.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 17, 2020

Simplisafe Cameras Review: In-Depth

Simplisafe Cameras Review

Simplisafe tries to combine two things in just one product. One is the Simplisafe camera that is both safe and simple. Do they achieve it? Some users report it has high-quality services and materials. Some others complain a bit about the number of features and the price. Read on this Simplisafe cameras review to find out the truth about this provider in 2021.

Key Features

  • Audio and mic available
  • Ample field of vision (120°)
  • Wireless connections
  • HD res.
  • Sharp night vision
  • Options for privacy

Background Information

The creators of the company are Harvard graduates. During their study years, they realized that the state had an issue with burglars. All the time, they tried (and at times, succeeded) to break into houses. So, they came up with the idea of the company. Simplisafe cameras were born more than a decade ago. And it is different from other vendors in the type of service they provide. For example, there are no contracts in place.

Security Features: Added Value to the System

Simplisafe makes all their products. From the cameras to the doorbells, all of them pass through a quality test. This is to ensure they are able to protect the families they set out to take care of. Now, let’s focus on the features they offer.

Wide Field of Vision: Catching All the Details

One of the best features is the camera’s field of vision. If it’s limited, then it will be hard for the Simplisafe security camera to see and catch all the details of what happens around the house. Luckily, that is not the case with this system.

SimpliSafe App: Convenient and Easy

Nothing is more annoying than using buttons to control a system. And even worse if the hub has a limited range. But today, almost every device comes with a very convenient app. Users only need to own a gadget to install it.

Encrypted Data: Up to the Bank-Level

Encoding today is crucial. If not, criminals might be able to access private data, and that is dangerous. So, the company promises that its products have 265-level of safety. So that nobody doubts its protection.

Stainless Steel Privacy Shutter: Not Recording When You Don’t Want to

In case anybody is worried about their privacy, the device includes a steel shutter. What is this? Well, it is just a shutter that covers the lenses. So, no client should worry about the recordings that might happen when they don’t want to.

High-Definition Video: On the Safety Side

Without a good definition, it is not possible to know who entered the house. It is of no use to the police to see some blurry images and no faces. So, the resolution of the cameras is high enough to spot every detail on the faces of the burglars.

Intelligent Motion Detection Algorithm: No More False Positives

The owners of this business know that cams, at times, fail. For example, they detect a spider as a threat when it is not. So, the important thing is to get rid of false positives. For that, they designed an algorithm combined with a heat sensor.

Night Vision: Detection Even When It’s Dark

The night is one of the most anxious moments. In the dark, it is very common for thieves to try to break into homes. This means that a good night vision can help catch these criminals without issues.

Optional Recording Plan: No Money Spent

Another great perk is that clients do not have to spend money if they don’t want to. Of course, they won’t be able to access the footage when they want to. Or have videos with more than 30 days. But it is still possible to use the system.

Status Light: Know If They Work or Not

These Simplisafe cameras also have a way to show the owners whether they are running or not. For example, if they choose to close the shutters, there is a light that shows if it really is not working for more privacy.

Internal Microphone: Long Distance Sound

Within the camera is a mic that transmits sound. The range is only 10 feet, so it is not really powerful. And it has a bit of a delay. Meaning that it can take a while to hear the sound of the video.

Equipment & Installation

In terms of equipment, the vendor makes their own devices. They do not ask other providers to do it for them. And they offer clients two main options. One is a camera, and the other one integrates a doorbell.

SimpliCam Security Camera: Very Easy to Manage

SimpliCam Security Camera

This is the best part of the system. And the company designed it to work only indoors. It might resist the outdoors, but it is not a wise idea to do it. In terms of weight and size, it is very easy to manage. It is only 0.33 pounds. So, this means that almost any buyer will be able to take care of it without issues. In terms of setup, it is DIY. This means that users can do it on their own. They will not need any service or professional help for setting up the alarm in 2021.

  • Security systems resist 14° to 104°
  • DIY setup in just 5 minutes
  • Easy download of the smart app
  • The security company is very helpful in the case of issues

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro Review

SimpliCam Video Doorbell Pro Review

The doorbell is a brand new product within the company. And it has its own unique features that make it a great option for buyers. Read this Simplisafe doorbell review to find out more.

Works with Almost Every House

It doesn’t matter the age of the house; the doorbell will work anyway. So owners should not worry no matter if their house is just 2 years old. Or built in the 1910s.

Two Unique Sensors: Even More Than One

Instead of just one sensor, this Simplisafe doorbell review shows it has two. The first one detects heat. The other one is related to human form. Combined, the machines will make sure the threat is not a dog or an insect, for example.

Two-Way Audio: No Issues With Mics

Though the speaker is a bit small, it does not lack power. It works as if it were a walkie talkie using the app. Some users report it has some issues. For example, the mic is not isolated from noise. So, if there are people talking too, the mic will pick it up.

Text Notifications: Know When People Are Lingering

Owners can get alerts when strangers roam around their porch, and the camera detects them. And they will also get them as soon as they ring the bell. The alerts can be texts or images. But it will depend on the type of plan the client has paid for.

Pan and Zoom: Get Every Detail

This type of spec can help owners see the details of all the images they see. For example, if a burglar holds an item in his hand, then it is easy to spot it. And understand if it’s a weapon or not.


Don’t worry. No client will have an issue when installing Simplicam. The process is a breeze. The steps are very simple. The first one is to plug it and then hold a device. With the tablet or phone, then buyers have to download the app. Follow the instructions to connect it wirelessly, and that’s it. A piece of cake.

Simplisafe Cameras Packages & Prices

SimpliCam Packages & Prices

In terms of monitoring, there are only two plans available. And the main differences lie in the price of each one. The premium plan does not add many features. Let’s take a look at those in detail.

Standard Interactive
Price per month$14.99$24.99
Type of setupDIYDIY
Monitoring24/724/7+ Alerts
RecordingNoNo limits
Compatible with AlexaYesYes


The basic option offers nice specs for a very low price. It is a good option to consider in case people are on a tight budget, for example.


  • $14.99 per month
  • 24/7 monitoring by pros
  • Cellular connection with the police
  • Live video feeds available
  • App alerts


  • No smart home integrations
  • No access to past recordings at will


This package includes all the perks from the previous one. And it adds some other specs, like live video feeds. This means that owners can monitor what is going on at home from a remote place. Plus, the video that comes with the alerts can help people feel better about criminals around their home.


  • Full smart home integrations
  • Smart voice commands for the alarm
  • Real-time access to footage
  • No contracts for a fixed amount of time in 2021
  • Best alarm siren for emergencies


  • Tech support can be better
  • Smart alerts do not include an image

Equipment Prices

So, let’s break in the prices for the equipment. These are the most important thing within the system. Without them, the plans are useful. So, clients can choose between two very different options.

Simplicam Video Doorbell
Field of View120°162°
Two-way AudioNoYes
Night visionYesYes
Compatible withAlexa, Google AssistanceSimpliSafe

1. SimpliCam

As the name shows, the idea behind this camera is its simplicity. So, anyone can buy, install, and use it at once. On the negative side, it does not include any batteries. It will only work when plugged into the electricity.


  • Voice commands available
  • Potent night vision for more security
  • Best power plug
  • Refunds within 30 days
  • DIY installation for the home camera


  • No audio systems
  • Field of view is a bit limited when detecting the motion

2. SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

The Simplisafe doorbell review shows this is the premium version of this safety system. The design is cutting edge. And it easily blends with the rest of the things around the house. But it does not work alone. So, it needs a previous system to use the same wires and function well.


  • High HD resolution
  • Wireless use of the camera
  • No contracts
  • Great zoom indoors
  • Small and lightweight home security


  • A bit pricey
  • Only wired systems available

Ease of Use

As the name shows, the company focus on what is simple. They do not want to include pro installation. Instead, they aim for users to do it on their own. The same happens with the use of the camera. There are not a lot of buttons or hard functions to consider. Instead, the steps to follow are very few and simple. When the person knows how to use the app, that’s it. They also know how to use the entire system.

Customer Experience

In terms of customer experience, Simplisafe delivers. They have an ample schedule to answer clients, for example. This ensures that all their queries, doubts and issues are solved in a fast way. Let’s take a look at their terms of use and policies in detail.

Terms and Guarantees

Their terms of use are quite clear and simple to read. On the grey side, none of their products have a warranty. Refunds will only take place within 30 months of purchase. And in case the product has come with defects. Instead, if there is any user who is not happy with what they bought, there is nothing they can do. The privacy policy is strong, though. It complies with the law and promises to protect all the info they collect about buyers. In particular, when it comes to partners or third-party apps.

Customer Support

The team is always available in case any question or doubt pops out. And it has a very wide schedule to tend to clients. So, customers can contact them from to 12 pm every day. Even on weekends. And the ways of contact are online through a chat or using the phone.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

SimpliSafe Reviews

This vendor offers decent service and high-quality materials. The reviews online are mixed. There are some comments related to monitoring issues. Some of them report that they are a bit slow when responding. And that their billing service can improve a lot. Still, the Simplisafe cameras last for years, and they are very resistant for indoors. In addition to this, the plans are complete, and the alerts are custom. Such a thing means that the buyers can think about their own guides to give the device when detecting threats. This will prevent the product from seeing a dog as a potential threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Simplisafe Cameras Secure?

    Yes, it is a reputable company. No client has ever complained about the quality of the service. Or about the protection of their private info. These cams even include shutters to make sure clients don’t record when they don’t want to. So, everyone can use them and feel at ease.

  • Does SimpliSafe Have an Outdoor Camera?

    No, it does not. It only has Simplicam, and it was designed to be used inside the house. As it resists high and low temps, some people have decided to use it outdoors. But this is not always a good idea. For example, it does not have protection against rain or snow.

  • Is Simplisafe a Good Security System?

    Yes, it covers all the basic needs customers may have. And it all comes at a fair price. True, it does not include premium features. Not even in the most expensive version. But that is not the target of the provider. It just wants to deliver a simple pack.

  • Is SimpliSafe Easily Hacked?

    No, and this happens for two main reasons. The first one is that it has algorithms that avoid hacking. These are quite complex, and most criminals are not able to crack them down. The other reason is encryption. To protect data and images, the company built the Simplisafe cameras with the latest specs. They are very similar to bank cameras, and these are not easy to hack either.

Simplisafe Cameras Pros & Cons


  • Best field of view and resolution for a low price
  • A company with years of experience and solving issues
  • The durability of cameras and alarms
  • Nice specs and features for the motion doorbell
  • Affordable plans for home


  • The wireless shutters are not the best
  • It can only be attached to flat surfaces

Advance in Security Worldwide

Those worried about the safety of their home should not worry anymore in 2021. Still, they should consider that these devices are only for indoors. They are not waterproof or have wide fields of view. Anyway, the products are affordable and carry a reputable company behind.

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