SimpliSafe Home Security System Review: Getting the Right Home Alarm System

This firm provides home security services. Its products are wireless and easy to use. The company offers daily alarm monitoring. One can also install the product with just a few steps. One doesn’t need any tools. Protect the home in just a few minutes.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

SimpliSafe Home Security Systems-simplisafe

Key Features

  • People can send image files.
  • Users can edit software in the browser.
  • The system is simple and easy.
  • Clients can download the mobile app.
  • The company is popular in social networks.
  • The system has texts and graphics.

SimpliSafe Home Security Review: Background Information

SimpliSafe Background Info

Students at Harvard created SimpliSafe in 2006 to help avoid home theft. So, Chad and Eleanor Laurans started the company to offer better home security systems.

The new business sold simple tech without a contract. This last feature was very innovative. Now, the company has many clients in the USA. It is located in Boston. Its service is cheap. So, many people can afford it.

The firm creates all its products. They make alarms, detectors, and security cameras. Every item also has a backup of batteries. This is very useful when there is no power. Another perk is that these alarms can alert C.O.P.S. monitoring. This popular agency has many offices. So, they can help users wherever they live.

SimpliSafe Security Features: What Does It Offer?

The service includes many products with special characteristics. All of them are wireless and tend to be low cost. Also, they are not hard to use and to maintain. The company also offers several home security packages. People have to review the options to find the best kit that suits their homes.

Full Monitoring and Cheap Packages

Essentials Security Simplisafe

With this company, people can customize their home alarm systems. They can choose the equipment that best fits their space in the house. They can select the package they prefer. All of the 2021 options are affordable and include many components.

High-Quality Video Security

SimpliCam Security Camera Simplisafe

The company offers Simplicam. This device is a smart indoor security camera. It can sensor movement and view at night. The product offers the best high definition videos. It can capture a broad view of around 120°. Moreover, people can see the recordings online. And they can show them to the police, too.

Practical Keychain Remote

SimpliSafe Practical Keychain

The Keychain remote is very small. So, it can fit right into the client’s pocket. People can control their home security systems with this gadget. They just have to click on the buttons. Also, the smart device has a panic button to ask for emergency help.

Entry Sensor

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

The company offers effective entry sensors. People can put them on the doors and windows of their homes. The security device comes with removable adhesive, so it is easy to stick. This product can give either loud or silent alerts.

Glass Break Sensor

SimpliSafe Glassbreaker

The glass break detector detects the audio waves when the glass has broken. It comes with an extra layer for full protection. This is useful in case that thieves break windows to enter people’s houses. The alert also helps to get a faster police response.

Environmental Protection

SimpliSafe Environmental Protection

The home security service helps to prevent or minimize environmental damage and destruction in people’s houses. The devices can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, or water leaks.

Also, if the alarm does not work well, a technician of the company will work for a solution. To do so, people have to give him a code or a safe word. This is for special protection. The sales rep wants to make sure there is no stranger in the house.

Equipment & Installation: Set It Up Easily

This company has a great DIY home alarm security system. It offers many smart devices, like detectors and alarms. Each of them has a special use. For example, people can use smoke or movement detectors. They can protect their houses in different ways.

SimpliSafe Cameras: Space and Function

SimpliSafe Camera

The service includes two types of smart security cameras. One is for indoor spaces (SimpliCam). The other is for the house doorbell (Video Doorbell Pro). The alarm system doesn’t have an outdoor camera yet. It might be available on the market soon.

Device Description
SimpliCam The device has many important functions. For example, it can access 24/7 live videos. It also includes a smart movement detector. And it has night vision, as well. People can also record, download, and share footage. They can do so only with the recording plan. This means people have to pay extra
Video Doorbell The device has a wide view range. This means people can see more than their doorsteps on the clips. People can even pan and zoom the cameras for details. The product also includes infrared night vision. And it has a 1080p HD resolution, too. Finally, people need a doorbell wiring to install the camera DIY.

The Goods: All It Has to Offer

The vendor has complete home alarm systems. The company makes its security products. So, their costs are very low. The devices are cheap, too. People can choose from a variety of options. Here is a list of the services available in 2021.

Controls (Pushbutton Control Panel / Keychain Remote Control)

SimpliSafe Controls


SimpliSafe Sensors
  • Door Entry Sensor
  • Window Entry Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Water Freeze Sensor

Installation: Do It in a Minutes

Installing security equipment is fast and easy. The devices come with strong stickers. So, people don’t need to make holes on the walls. Also, the stickers won’t damage the paint when taking them off.

SimpliSafe Packages & Prices


The vendor offers two types of monitoring. One option is the Standard plan. The other is the Interactive plan. The first package is very basic. It comes with 24/7 home monitoring on a cellular line. The second one is a little more complex. It is in line with a standard security system. For example, it has text notifications. It lets people control and monitor the system.

SimpliSafe Plans Comparison

The chart below compares the two plans. The interactive plans are more complete than the standard plan. But it is also more expensive. So, it is important to review them carefully before choosing one.

Monthly Price$14.9924.99
24/7 MonitoringYesYes
Cellular connectionYesYes
Environmental MonitoringYesYes
Mobile app arm and disarmNoYes
Mobile alertsNoYes
Video alarm verification NoYes
Unlimited camera recordingNoYes

Equipment Packages

The company offers a wide range of cheap monitoring plans. Also, people don’t have to sign a contract. This means they can cancel the plan when they want. Also, people can customize their home alarm systems. They can choose the devices that best fit their houses.

The Foundation$229
The Nook$254.95
The Essentials$259
The Bedford$274.94
The Homestead$284.93
The Sanctuary$304.91
The Bunker$329.91
The Oakstone$359.88
The Hearth$374
The Barrington $388.93
The Stronghold$424.87
The Keep$443.90
The Knox$449
The Stonefort$484.84
The Haven$489
The Fortress$509.86

SimpliSafe Top 5 Packages

Every house and every client has different needs. The budget they have, for example, tends to vary. Or the size of the property they want to protect. This is why the people at this company have a package for every one of them.

The Foundation: The Best for Small Places


This package has been designed for small homes and apartments. It has an entry sensor for the main door. It also includes a movement sensor as an extra layer of protection.

The Essentials: The Popular One


This is the most popular system in the company. It has one motion sensor. It detects anyone walking through the main home passage. Then, the three entry sensors are for the main entry points.

The Hearth: Avoid Burns


This package includes fire protection for people’s houses. It has a smoke detector and a 105dB extra siren. The alarm is very loud. It will scare intruders!

The Knox: The Have It All


This package is perfect for big houses. It has more entry and movement protection than the Hearth. It features fire protection. And it also has intrusion sensors.

The Haven: Avoid Disasters


This kit is the best to protect houses from water and fire damage. It has a special feature. It includes a glass-break sensor and a panic button.

Top 5 Main Kits Comparison Table

Base stationYesYesYesYesYes
Entry sensors13364
Motion sensors11122
Panic buttonNoNoNoNoYes
Freeze sensorNoNoNoNoYes
Water sensorNoNoNoNoYes
Smoke detector NoNoYesYesYes

Ease of Use


The system is very simple and easy to use. The home alarm system is always in touch with the station. Then, it sends texts directly to people’s phones. It can also reach the police. This makes the diy systems better than traditional ones.

The alarms can control different aspects like temperature, smoke, and movement. Also, the new technology works with Amazon’s Alexa. She can help to set up the system or check its status.

Customer Experience

The 2021 reviews of this vendor are very positive. However, many customers claim longer service hours. Still, the company has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. Also, it has nearly one complaint per month.

Terms and Guarantees

The products are available only in the United States. The company accepts credit cards, debit cards, and Gift Cards as payment methods. This is the list of credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

People should pay for the plans every month. They can switch between plans. Also, there isn’t any cancellation fee. Finally, the devices have a three-year warranty.

As regards return policy, people can get a full refund of equipment within 60 days. It is the only period when clients can get their money back.

SimpliSafe Customer Service


The company’s customer service hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Emergency operators are available 24 hours. People can contact customer support staff by phone, email, or social media. But, there is no live chat option. People can also find many detailed tutorials, reviews, and FAQs on the official website.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &


Most users report positive reviews about the service. They highlight how easy it is to use it. The system is so simple that many people claim that they never had to call support. Yet, the few who did a review about that said that they were always kind and helpful. And best of all, they are available for a lot of time.

Some people review having waiting times that were longer than expected. But many others said that they had not had problems with this. Also, it is important to bear in mind that these devices have to be installed by the user. So, if one is not comfortable with this, it is recommended to hire an expert. On the other hand, users also like how plans and services can adapt according to one’s needs.

FAQ Questions

  • Is SimpliSafe Home Security as Good as ADT?

    It may depend on the needs. But for most people, SimpliSafe is the way to go. Their prices are much lower. It is true that the equipment is a bit more expensive. But the plans are way cheaper. And this is what counts in the long term. The most expensive plan is even cheaper than ADT’s cheapest one. So, for those who care about their money, this is the best option

  • Can the SimpliSafe Alarm Be Hacked?

    There are some rumors about this. But the short answer is no. A few years ago, a security flaw was discovered. But it was addressed immediately. And nobody was affected by it. The team came up with a solution for future versions. Since then, all the signals are encrypted. The measures they implemented in the newest 2019 models help with this. So far, none of the latest ones has reported any negative reviews about it.

  • Can I Use SimpliSafe Without Monitoring?

    Yes. The company offers two options. First, one can only buy the items. And this is without paying monthly for their service. So, one pays only once and then is in charge of monitoring. The other possibility is hiring their plan. The cheapest one includes professional SimpliSafe monitoring. In this way, one does not have to worry about it. If there is any problem, the experts will handle it or get in touch with the user to let him know.

  • Will SimpliSafe Security System Work Without an Internet Connection?

    The service requires an Internet connection to send all the data. This means that without it, there is no monitoring. Yet, it has some backup plans in case this fails. One of them is having both WiFi and cellular connections. In this way, if one of them does not work right, it goes starts using the other one. It is also possible to use a landline connection. The good thing about this is that if the place has a strong enough signal, the system will always be connected.

  • How Long Do SimpliSafe Batteries Last?

    Approximately, the battery of the detectors lasts between 3 and 5 years – the same works for the Keychain Remote. The Extra Siren and the Keypad have a shorter duration of about one year. As regards the station, it can provide energy for up to 24 hours. Remember that this one only comes into play as a back-up plan, when all the other energy sources have failed. In this way, the house is always safe.

SimpliSafe Home Security Pros & Cons

Knowing the best and worst aspects of each device is key to making a good purchase. These are the things to bear in mind before deciding whether to buy SimpliSafe or not.


  • One can subscribe to their monthly service or not.
  • Their subscriptions have low prices.
  • It is very easy to set up and use.
  • No need to sign a contract.
  • Reliable protection.


  • The price of the equipment is a bit higher than expected.
  • It works with T-Mobile by default, but this can be changed.

Final Overview: Is SimpliSafe Home Security worth it?

For sure, this service has come to stay. Most clients choose it because they like having the possibility of not subscribing to another service. And many others also appreciate that they can install the whole system by themselves in minutes. People who are new into this field will find that this tool is very user-friendly. And it is also very cheap in the long term. Sure, there are some aspects of being polished. But they do not affect the overall quality of this product.

Editorial Staff

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