Skybell Doorbell Review: Advanced Security for Families

This is a company that developed a high-quality doorbell. From the best two-way audio to HD quality of the video, it helps to keep any property safe. Its rainproof perk also makes it last for years. And for those who want a smart premium version, they can always resort to an upgrade. Keep on reading to find out more about this model.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: November 9, 2020

Skybell Doorbell Review: In-Depth

The company has developed a doorbell camera, which is a good solution for families. And for anyone who wants to know what is going on at their entrance. These smart tech products allow owners to protect their family and their homes at the same time. The home security system is both efficient and cheap. Meaning that anyone can access this device. Even those who don’t have a large budget today. Let’s see, then, this Skybell doorbell review and how it can be a safety solution in 2021.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup (DIY)
  • Access a remote control via an app
  • Video monitoring does not need cables
  • 1080 HD quality
  • The best two-way audio
  • Wide range and field of view
  • Fall detecting with just a button

Background Information

SkyBell Background Information

This company, located in Southern California, started in 2013. And today it gives services to the whole country. Every year, it started growing and issuing almost 100 patents for security doorbell cameras. Most of the products they are working on today are related to the Internet and get smarter every day. Plus, those clients who do not want to enter a contract or buy software, they can do so. The company has options to acquire only hardware without any monthly plan, for free. And they can integrate with mobile phones or other devices like tablets. They are available on Amazon like the Ring or Nest cameras with great reviews.

Features of This Doorbell: Simplifying Safety

SkyBell Features of This Doorbell

So, the main product is the Skybell doorbell, and it sets out to be simple and easy to install. The idea is that any family can make use of this smart product. And they can also pay for a pro set up in case they do not want to do it themselves.

Surveillance Cameras: Keep an Eye on Events

Within a Skybell doorbell, there is a cam that works very well. It has fine images recorded by the color HD home security system. As the quality is almost 1080 HD, it’s easy for owners to recognize faces and criminals in case they appear. Some models include the Silver one or the model SH02300SL.

Mobile Alerts: Always Connected

Anytime a person rings the bell, Skybell HD will send a mobile alert to the owners’ phone. This includes a loud sound and a photo. This way, people will know who is at the door. Also, they can control the volume of the chiming using a mobile phone.

24/7 Monitoring: Do Not Miss a Thing

Those who prefer to have 24/7 recordings can choose to do so. The footage will be stored on the cloud storage. The families will then have to revise those videos to see if anything happened or not.

Video: High-Quality Features

One of the most important things for the Skybell doorbell camera is that it takes the best video images. Without a good definition, the images are of no use to anyone. It has 1080 HD, 120 degrees field of view, and a nice night vision.

Audio: Scare Burglars Away

The first thing that thieves do is to check if the owner is home. So, they tend to ring the bell. So, owners can try to trick them by speaking on the phone. The two-way audio feature will allow any innocent person to answer if they want to.

Night Vision: Vigilant Even in the Dark

As far as the night vision goes, it’s quite efficient. Though it does not record in color, the high definition is still very good. And it will allow the police or other bodies to know who the burglar is, in case there is one.

Voice Response: Just Speak and It Will Respond

It’s quite easy to manage the door through the mobile app. The idea is for owners to know what is going on, even if they are not at home. With voice response, they can use Skybell HD to answer the door.

Smart Home Options: Always Present

The live video feed is efficient and compatible with other doorbells. For example, those using Amazon Echo Dot can send commands to the home security system if they feel they need to do it.

Remote Control: Convenience at Hand

It’s quite easy to keep control of all the activity at the entrance. And also to decide on which settings the owners want a Skybell video doorbell to have. And they do not even have to be at home to do that.

DIY Installation: a Good Choice

Buyers who want to install the product can make a choice. One of them is the DIY set up because it’s easy and simple. But on the other hand, those who want to pay for the service can also do so.

Compatibility: Becoming Smarter Everyday

Most users today are turning their homes into smart ones. So, they need their new doorbells to be compatible with systems like Alexa. And Skybell Trim plus does not disappoint in this regard.

Equipment & Installation

So, it’s clear that the Skybell doorbell camera is the most important component. But there are also other parts that make the equipment work as they should. For example, without the mounting plate or a Skybell digital doorbell adapter, the setup would not be possible.

SkyBell HD: Stepping up the Game

These doorbells are the stars of the system. The pricing is quite convenient. But only if the buyer considers all the perks it includes within the price. For example, the live video monitoring feature makes it different from other competitors in the field. Another thing clients should consider is that the zoom is deep. It allows for the tracking of almost 5x.

Trim Plus: More of an Upgrade

The Skybell Trim Plus version has all the above features. But it comes with a new design. The motion sensor is also quite sensitive. Meaning it will detect anyone who stands on the door, even if it’s a small child. And the night color vision is a nice add-on. That will allow any buyer to protect their home even when it’s dark.

HD Wall Mount

The home security system will come with the best wall mount for free. But if the person is going to move house, then they will need a new device to put it there. So, they can get one for less than $10.

HD Hardware Kit

Even if the setup process is simple and easy, it will take a few tools like a screwdriver. Those who don’t own such tools can buy the hardware kit and install the doorbell camera in an instant.

Digital Doorbell Adapter

As clients may already know, Skybell HD needs to be plugged into electricity. For that, it needs cables and, in most cases, a Skybell digital doorbell adapter. It’s quite cheap and easy to use so users can get started soon.

Wedge Mount

Finally, this device is used for the Skybell trim plus version. The Wedge Mount gives the product a lot more angle, almost 12% extra. This is great to detect more criminals in case of need.


SkyBell Installation

The main doorbell camera can work without any add ons. The only thing it will need is an adapter in some cases. So it plugs into any outlet. The only way to do this is by checking before buying the equipment. After this, the process is quite simple. The owner just needs to mount everything to the wall.

The first thing to put is the plate that comes with the bell. Then, the person will find two wires that go together, with the Skybell doorbell on top. All in all, the process is very quick and simple. But it might not be for everyone because it involves low-voltage cables. In that case, the people who don’t feel comfortable can choose to hire pro installation.

SkyBell Equipment Prices

Now, the equipment is similar, but it also has some differences. For example, the classic doorbell camera has cloud recordings and motion alerts. Also, these home security systems have some similar perks. Like the price of the waterproof perks.

Type of Device Price
HDSystem with cam$199
Trim PlusSystem with cam$199
HD Wall MountAccessory$9.95
Wedge MountAccessory$9.95
Hardware KitAccessory$4.95

SkyBell HD

As stated above, this is the standard model for a Skybell doorbell camera. The video and audio are what make the device unique. With 1080p HD res and color night vision, it will never miss a thing.

SkyBell HD
  • There is a two-way audio feature for free.
  • 5x zoom within the app.
  • See who is standing at the entrance with just a button.
  • It’s available at Amazon.
  • No adapter needed in this case.


  • Weatherproof, even in extreme conditions
  • Can take quick snaps
  • Sensitive motion detector
  • The best 5x zoom to detect faces
  • Powerful color night vision


  • The design is a bit strange
  • No wireless options

Trim Plus

A Skybell Trim plus has almost the same devices as in the base equipment. For the same price, users will get a great angle, zoom, and field of view. What really changes is the design. The doorbell camera looks like a classic one.

SkyBell Trim Plus
  • It’s possible to enable push notifications.
  • Alerts will arrive on one’s mobile phone every time there is someone at the door.
  • Smart snaps to take photos of strangers.
  • Buying an adapter is mandatory.


  • More compact and sturdy than Skybell HD
  • The doorbells the option of being wireless
  • Easier to use in terms of design
  • Users can ask for the best pro installation
  • Compatible with iOS and Android for storage


  • Doesn’t add a lot of perks for the premium version
  • Needs the Skybell digital doorbell adapter


Together with the doorbell camera, clients can decide to add some other things or equipment. It will be very convenient to have a complete home security system. For example, the official adapter is quite useful to plug it anywhere.

  • HD Wall Mount – $9.95
  • Wedge – $9.95
  • HD Hardware Kit – $4.95
  • Digital Doorbell Adapter – $12.95

Ease of Use

Skybell HD wants every type of user to be able to use the doorbell camera. That is why they have made the installation process very simple. The person just needs to have a bit of knowledge. And know how their own entrance works. Yet, those who do not want to do it on their own can just pay for the service. When it comes to the app, the design and interface are straightforward. The layout is clear, so users will never feel lost when navigating it.

Customer Experience

The set of available channels works very well, though it’s a bit limited. But there are a lot of resources clients and future customers can access. Like live videos or FAQs with a lot of useful info to make a good buying choice.

Terms and Guarantees

This Skybell doorbell camera has a tight refund policy. The service will only give the money back in case the home security system does not work. In other cases, there will be no return. The privacy policy is also well written. And it complies with the US laws for safety at homes. For example, the company claims they would never share the private info of their clients or their footage without permission. Only in case of a court order. Finally, the terms of service are pretty clear. As soon as clients buy a device, they are signing a kind of contract with the company.

Customer Support

SkyBell Customer Support

In terms of support, it is a bit limited. There are no online charts or email addresses available. Instead, there is a phone number but only for US clients. Those living in other countries might have trouble communicating. In case buyers have any doubts, they can find articles that answer all the potential questions.


All in all, the reviews are decent. The pricing is ok within the market. But it doesn’t offer a lot of options regarding equipment or plans. For example, the model with HD and 1080p costs the same as the Trim Plus model and offers almost the same things. In terms of customer support and new client detection, it seems to be quite efficient. Except for those who don’t live in the USA or Europe. These people might find it hard to talk to them because of schedule differences. And the cloud storage can fail at times. Such a thing happens because of issues with the Internet connection, each review says.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There a Monthly Fee for the Camera?

    No, the Skybell doorbell does not come with a fee. This means that buyers only have to pay once in their lifetimes. Or extra money in case they can have a pro set up. Yet, they will not have to invest in monthly plans or anything. The doorbell camera will just record and save those videos on the cloud storage. And it will do so 24/7 for more safety in 2021.

  • Is Skybell Better Than Ring?

    It depends on where the user stands. Ring is a comprehensive security system. Meaning it contains cam, bells, fall detectors, and other doorbells. On the other hand, the first company only has a doorbell camera that protects that specific area. Of course, it has great quality and can also connect with other products. So, these are very different systems that cover the needs of various users. Those looking for a great doorbell, though, will find in the HD model with 1080p a nice option.

  • Is SkyBell Secure?

    Yes, it complies with the USA’s laws of safety. First, they only offer verified methods of payment. So, anyone who uses Paypal or credit cards can do so without harm. But the company also has a tight policy about privacy. When buying a Skybell doorbell, users know their private data will never be shared or sold.

  • Can the Service Be Hacked?

    Yes, hackers can intercept Wi-Fi signals. And, with that, they can access the data inside the Skybell video doorbell. Yet, there are ways for owners to prevent this from happening. For example, using encrypted messages and ways to monitor the home. Then, it will be hard for hackers to access that info.

  • Does SkyBell Have a Battery?

    No, it doesn’t. It works plugged into an outlet. Those who need equipment that works without wires will need to acquire the other version. This is the Skybell Trim Plus. That model, in particular, also adds a difference in design. So, it’s clear that it has some features that make it unique and not like the traditional model.

  • Why Does My SkyBell Keep Ringing?

    The main reason why this might happen is because of failure. For example, transformers, at times, do not work well. And so they cannot make the home security system function in the best manner.

    • Luckily, this Skybell doorbell camera will start chiming and making the best sounds to call the owners’ attention.
    • This way, he or she is going to know they have to change the Skybell digital doorbell adapter. If not, the button will not work anymore.
    • Other reasons include low battery or faulty detection of movement.

Skybell Doorbell Pros & Cons

So, there are clearly some advantages when buying a Skybell doorbell camera. Some of them are the ease of use and nice reviews online. But there are also some drawbacks. Let’s see how they work below.


  • Many chimes are available to recognize different events.
  • Those who work without batteries can resort to external outlets.
  • It’s possible to replay footage as many times as wanted with this doorbell camera.
  • Detects movement in an easy way and starts recording at once.
  • Up to 150ft WiFi transmission distance makes the set up easier.


  • It’s hard to hide the doorbell camera from prying eyes.
  • Skybell doorbells’ pro installation can be a bit pricey.

A Solid Security Choice

To make it short, a Skybell doorbell is quite a decent option in the market today. Each customer review accounts for this. The doorbell camera is dependable in terms of audio and video. Keeping tabs of what is going on at the entrance has never been easier. And users don’t even have to use buttons or the system to activate it. They can just integrate it with Alexa or with their smart home. The process is a breeze and available to anyone who wants to use it.

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