Swann Security Cameras Review: A Leader in Technology?

As a leader in home safety, indoor and outdoor cams, and other high-tech equipment, this company continues to shine in 2021. Check out this Swann security cameras review to get a step-by-step look at the components and accessories that make it so competitive.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

Swann Security Review: in-Depth

The Swann security cameras are what make this brand stand out, but there is much more available to consumers. The business has made a name for itself for being a trusted provider of contract-free plans, self-monitored systems, and wireless options.

There’s a whole lot to explore from this company, from its multi-packs and indoor/outdoor solutions to its month-to-month bundles. Be sure to check out all of the offerings below to get a feel for how its reframing do-it-yourself household protection.

Key Features

As a long-standing leader in the world of safety solutions and the latest electronic technology, Swann provides more than enough for individuals and families to feel safe and protected. Through cloud storage and recording equipment, as well as a wide range of cams and sensors, the possibilities are endless. The company specializes in multi-packs and full-fledged systems, earning high praise from clients all over the country.

  • Automation
  • Cloud storage
  • CCTV recording
  • DIY set-up
  • Mobile access
  • Video doorbells
  • Wireless technology

Background Information

Swann Background Information

Swann began as a family operation based in Melbourne, Australia. As of 2021, it has expanded into the markets of the United States, Hong Kong, and 38 other countries. Today, it has nearly 30 years of experience.

The brand specializes in 24/7 customer support and monitoring through reliable, modern tech. As part of the Infinova Group, it is dedicated to do-it-yourself solutions and systems. These include recording equipment and cams, alarm sensors, and automated smart gadgets.

The business also has a mobile app that works with iPhone and Android devices. Protecting over four million households, this program helps clients keep track of their cams’ live feed, notifications, and playback functions.

Features: What to Expect From the Cams, Systems, & Recorders

Swann security cameras grant buyers greater flexibility in that they can enjoy continuous live streaming, playbacks, and instant notifications. Depending on the model and the monitoring plan, there are several features that customers can take advantage of. Here is an overview of the top capabilities.

Surveillance Cameras: Dependable, Sturdy, & Feature-Rich

Swann Surveillance Cameras

The indoor and outdoor cams are where this company shines. Best of all, clients don’t have to depend on a base station because the products are wire-free.

Wireless Equipment: Truly Wire-Free, Easy Set-Up

Swann Wireless Equipment

Customers will appreciate the lack of cords and cables in all of the company’s equipment. This means less tripping over wires and reduced chances of burglars snipping them and cutting off the power.

Smart Home Options: Automate & Integrate Everything

Swann Smart Home Options

Thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Swann devices can fully integrate into homes around the world. This means locking up is as easy as asking Alexa to do it.

Weather-Resistant: Never Worry About Wind, Snow, Ice, or Rain

Swann Weather-Resistant

With a range of outdoor cams and systems, this brand alleviates any concerns about inclement weather. The equipment can withstand heavy winds and rain while maintaining crystal clear image quality.

Night Vision: Great Image Quality After Sunset

Swann Night Vision

When the sun goes down, families shouldn’t have to worry about their safety being compromised. Night vision allows them to continue capturing images and streaming footage at 1080p quality.

Voice Response: Tell it What to Do

Swann Voice Response

Maintaining its promise to provide cutting-edge technology, Swann’s offerings are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That way, customers can manage their systems no matter where they are.

Mobile Alerts: Always Stay in the Loop

In 2021, clients want everything to be accessible online or via their handheld devices. Fortunately, all of this equipment is remote-controlled so customers can playback footage and manage their systems with the push of a button.

Two-Way Voice: Perfect for Doorbells

This feature isn’t available on every device, but most of the surveillance cams are capable of two-way communication. This is especially useful when customers want to give deliverymen special instructions, or they want to greet friends.

DIY Installation: Leading the Charge in Self-Monitoring

As a global powerhouse in the world of self-installation and surveillance, this brand doesn’t disappoint. Setting this equipment up is relatively easy, with most devices offering “plug-and-play” functionality.

Equipment & Installation

There’s a whole lot to explore when trying to decide between all of the Swann security cameras. Below is a helpful overview of the top options. The equipment varies in price and capabilities, so consumers should read through each description to fit their best fit.

Swann Security Cameras

If a family wants a new surveillance cam, then they are sure to find it with the Swann security camera system. There are several prime options to choose from, so take some time to explore each device below.

Wire-Free Smart Security Camera: Great for Beginners

This Swann security camera is one of the basic choices available to buyers. It is wireless for easier set-up and connectivity. Plus, it is capable of recording and saving live clips. This is perfect for when customers want to playback some streaming footage or catch a moment in the recording with audio. It retails for $120.

Wire-Free 720p HD Smart Video Doorbell: Pulling Out All the Stops

This nifty device sits outside on the front porch and detects any naughty neighbors or package thieves. Thanks to its wide-angle lens (112°), it can catch a clear view of the action. Like many of the other products, clients can control it via the mobile app, as well as receive push notifications.

Thermal Sensing PIR Spotlight Cam: Easily Spot Unwelcome Guests

This is the cam to get if consumers are looking for crystal clear night vision. The thermal sensing technology can pick up on people’s heat signatures to alert individuals when someone is close to the house. This feature works up to 32 feet away, although the cam itself can see up to 150 away in the dark. It can see even further during daylight hours. It sells for $170.

Wireless Pan-and-Tilt Cam: Catch Better Views

For those who want to get better viewing angles of their properties, this pan-and-tilt cam is the way to go. Its 80° lens is remote-controlled, so buyers can pan it 335° side-by-side and 105° up and down. It also has two-way talk, making it well worth the $80 price tag.

Outdoor 1080p Full HD Dome: Discreet Yet Powerful

This domed Swann security camera is unique in that it provides great camouflage for people who want their equipment to be less obvious. Not only does it provide high-quality images, but it has a built-in microphone for seamless two-way communication. To get a better handle of their surroundings, clients can utilize the 4x zoom feature. This isn’t a fully wireless option, but it does come with a 100-foot cable for easier mounting. It retails for $100.

Outdoor 1080p Full HD Bullet: An Outdoor Deterrent

This exterior cam has a streamlined design that’s functional and attractive but also works as a great visual deterrent to potential criminals. It costs $100, so it’s not the cheapest option, but it is capable of 100 feet of night vision. This would be a decent choice for people who want to place some kind of surveillance system outside.

4-Channel System: A Full Surveillance Experience

As stated earlier, this company offers multi-packs, including this one that sells for $200. Before getting concerned about the price, consider that it’s a complete system that offers four different recording channels and a roomy hard drive. The set comes with two 60-foot cables to make syncing the equipment even easier.

Security Systems

Besides its lineup of surveillance cams, the company also boasts impressive home systems. There is a variety to choose from, such as four, eight, and 16-channel packs. Moreover, clients may select digital or network recorders and watch all of the footage via their mobile app.

4-Channel DVR & NVR Systems

Those who want to protect a single-family property often turn to this set. With it, individuals can connect four separate devices to create a full-fledged safety system. Again, it’s their choice whether they want to choose digital or network recording, which allows them to store recorded files on their browser. Depending on the buyer, they can choose to place their equipment outdoors, on the porch, or wherever else they’d like. It’s the perfect solution for hard-to-reach places, too.

8-Channel DVR & NVR Systems

For families with a larger household, this eight-channel set is ideal. Customers can choose to support up to eight cams, or they might be just fine with fewer. Regardless, the system supports DVR and network recording, whichever they prefer.

16-Channel DVR & NVR Systems

For those who need or want the deluxe package, this is it. It supports up to 16 channels, so it can cover quite a large property. Alternatively, it’s a good choice for keeping watch over garages and sheds that may be further from the main house. Like the other systems, this one works with DVR and network recording and allows for easy cloud or local storage.

Additional Components & Accessories

The company offers additional products to help clients round out their security systems. Below is a brief overview of the selections and how they can assist families in creating safer properties.

Garage Parking Sensor

This makes parking vehicles easier and safe – the battery-operated alarm triggers when vehicles get too close.

Home Doorbell Kit

Individuals can set this wireless device up in minutes. It’s battery-operated and features 36 different chime sounds.

Solar Panel

This weatherproof panel sits outdoors and gathers its charge from the day’s sunlight so it can power smart devices.

Dummy Cams

Fool burglars and would-be intruders by keeping this imitator outside.

Extra Cables & Mounting Stands

These are good for larger households that need some extra coverage or want to place their products in a rather precarious position.

Yard Stakes

Just like the other providers, this company provides signage that users can keep outside to warn criminals.

Theft Prevention Kit

This convenient package comes with four dummy cams and a couple of decals that users can position around the house to ward off burglars.


Choosing between all of the available security systems can be a bit overwhelming, but fortunately, set-up is quite simple. Most people can install their new products in under an hour, although it might be harder for those with no prior experience. Since most of the devices are wireless, this makes the installation process go a lot smoother. Moreover, the digital app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. From there, clients can access their systems and change the settings as they see fit.

Pricing & Packages

Trying to figure out the brand’s pricing is rather difficult. It appears that there are two distinct security system plans. The first is a smart service plan that covers the basic functionalities. The second is for add-on services, such as pro monitoring and emergency response.

Smart Service Plans

If a customer wants their new camera to work double-duty, this type of add-on is perfect. It allows their device to record live footage and store the files in the cloud for future reference. This package also adds functionalities like pet detection and heat sensing, plus a 30-day trial.

ExtraSecurity CompleteSecurity
Best ForAdding a deviceComplete coverage
Free Trial30 days60 days
Cloud Recording60 days60 days
Pet DetectionYesYes
Mobile AlertsYesYes
Warranty24 months24 months
Tamper TriggersYesYes
Heat SensingYesYes
# of Devices Supported110

Add-On Services

This larger plan brings pro monitoring to any camera. This way, clients have 1080p image quality along with the added protection of professional surveillance. They can access camera alerts on their phone or mobile browser to keep up-to-date on response calls, storage space, and file-sharing.

HomeSafe Professional Monitoring
24/7 MonitoringYesYes
Cloud StorageYesNo
Contacts ListYesYes
Contract RequiredYesNo
Emergency ResponseYesYes
Free TrialYesYes
Mobile AlertsYesYes
Price$9.99 - $24.99$12.49 - $19.99
Refund PolicyNo30 days
Video ClipsYesNo

#1 ExtraSecurity Plan

This is one of the “smart” plan options that are available with any device in the wireless line-up. This includes indoor security cameras as well as floodlight and spotlight cams. Users can simply add one of these packages to their carts, or enjoy the free trial version.

As the name suggests, this bundle brings extra safety to the buyer’s collection of cams or their outdoor doorbell. The price is $4.99 per month, but that’s only for one device. So, if they have four products, the total would be about $20 monthly.


  • 24-month extended warranty
  • Device tampering notifications
  • Lock screen image alerts
  • Longer cloud recording
  • True Detect AI technology


  • Monthly price is per device
  • Restrictive insurance policy

#2 CompleteSecurity Plan

This plan works with up to 10 security cameras, providing a complete package for families. That said, it offers the same amount of cloud recording and storage as the lower bundle. The main difference is the longer trial period, which extends to 60 days.

Even so, those 60 days of cloud recording come in handy and are a huge benefit considering the free version only comes with seven days. Moreover, the bundle allows clients to see visual evidence with the push of a button. Image alerts pop up on the lock screen so they can respond faster and keep their loved ones and properties safe.


  • 60-day free trial
  • Comes with a 10% discount on additional equipment
  • Complete True Detect functionality
  • Supports up to 10 devices
  • Works outside and with indoor cams


  • Pricing not listed on the website
  • Provides the same amount of cloud recording as lower plan

#3 HomeSafe Plan for Cloud Video Recording

This bundle is one of the add-on options that’s aimed at making families feel safer and more in control. This particular package comes with video cloud recording for continuous streaming and live updates. Clients can also share those clips with family and friends, or law enforcement if need be.

Those who are interested can add this plan to just about any security camera. Simply place the bundle into the cart, and it will activate upon check-out. There are two pricing options here. One is 10 days of streaming for $9.99 per month. The other is a full 30 days for $24.99 each month. Just be aware that customers are ineligible for refunds if they cancel early.


  • 30-day free trial
  • AES encryption
  • Continuous cloud storage
  • Shareable recorded clips
  • Two pricing options


  • Monthly price is per device
  • Restricted refund policy

#4 Professional Home Monitoring

This bundle is designed for people who don’t have time to constantly check their security cameras. Thanks to mobile alerts and an urgent response feature, they don’t have to worry about that. This package offers professional monitoring, so the property is guarded 24/7.

Customers can choose between two pricing options to add to their carts. The Flexi bundle lasts 30 days and costs $19.99. The Annual package lasts an entire year and has a monthly price of $12.49 ($149.88 total). Other perks include nominating friends or family members as emergency contacts and getting real-time mobile alerts. The downside is that the website isn’t clear which monitoring agency this uses, just that it’s a “partner with a 37-year history, now covering over 240,000 homes across America.”


  • 24/7 protection
  • Customers can nominate emergency contacts
  • Flexible monthly option
  • Mobile notifications
  • Urgent response is available


  • It's unclear which monitoring agency this uses
  • The annual plan has a locked-in rate

Equipment Prices

The company made sure to provide a wide range of security cameras to support just about any client. Plus, all of them come with a 12-month warranty and top-tier features like 1080p HD image quality and night vision capabilities.

Bullet Cameras: $80 - $170

All of these options are weatherproof and come with infrared night vision. A good number of them record in 4K HD quality and those above $100 boast two-way audio and heat sensing.

Dome Cameras: $100 - $150

There are fewer options in this category, but they’re all weatherproof and come with infrared night vision as well. With features like audio capture and facial recognition, they’re best for outside use rather than indoors.

Wi-Fi & IP Cameras: $70 - $430

The range of prices here means that there is something for everyone. Plus, there are indoor and exterior options, as well as multi-packs available. There are also newer picks, like the Spotlight and Indoor Alert cams, with heat and motion sensing, two-way talk, and sirens.

Alexa Cameras: $70 - $400

These security cameras work with Alexa as well as Google Assistant so clients can have their ideal intelligent home. Use voice commands to dim the motion lighting, activate color vision in the dark, use the two-way talk, and more.

Security Systems

Besides the security cameras, there are also full-fledged systems to consider adding to the cart. Clients can choose between four, eight, and 16-channel designs. Within each category, there are multiple options, so check them out below.

4-Channel DVR & NVR Systems: $200- $430

This type of security system is common among average-sized households. Customers can sync up to four products for digital or network recording. The majority of these systems are compatible with Google Assistant, too.

8-Channel DVR & NVR Systems: $250 $1,300

These bundles are much more expensive, but they come with support for up to eight devices as well as intelligent integrations like Google Assistant. Many of them have 4K image quality as well as one terabyte of local storage for clip recordings.

16-Channel DVR & NVR Systems: $580 - $2,400

For the best of the best, consider a 16-channel security system. Ideal for large, expansive properties, these bundles come with motion and thermal sensing, up to two terabytes of storage, and ultra HD image quality.

Ease of Use

Given the vast array of wireless security cameras that this company offers, most consumers will find the installation process to be pretty straightforward. Depending on how many devices or systems they add to their carts, things could get tricky. Extra cables and wired options are available to those who prefer that, but the wire-free products require less fuss. All a household needs is a stable Internet connection to get the ball rolling. However, the business seems to have a tumultuous reputation for customer support and a navigable mobile app.

Customer Experience

Overall, the team aims to make itself accessible via phone or online correspondence. In terms of value for the customer, the pricing is comparable to other related businesses. Below is a closer look at support channels, policies, and client feedback.

Terms & Guarantees

The company website has a full Terms of Use page. It includes information about intellectual property and copyrights. For instance, no one may link to the business site without prior approval. Also, the brand may change its pricing at any time without notifying its clients.

There is also a privacy policy that outlines the personal details the site collects. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, payment info, passwords, and IP address. This data is collected to improve the buying experience on the site as well as track consumer habits and browsing patterns. Those who have any questions about these terms can email [email protected]

Customer Support

The brand has a global office in Australia as well as regional buildings in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Hong Kong. There are phone numbers for each office, available during typical working hours. Also, the online support center is where customers can submit request tickets and browse helpful resources.


If someone were to go solely off of client feedback and reviews, they might become cautious about purchasing this company. It has just 1.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on input from 192 people. Complaints run the gamut of slow customer support, glitches in the app, and security cameras that get ruined from water damage when they’re supposed to be weatherproof.

On the bright side, the brand has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, although it’s not accredited. Keep in mind that the company allows independent distributors and retailers to sell its products. This could cause gaps in coverage, assistance, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Swann Security Cameras Any Good?

    Yes. First of all, there is a wide range of devices to choose from, so there is something for every household or family. The image quality tends to range from 5MP to 4K, making for crystal clear live streaming and recorded clips. Also, customers can shop around for the features that matter most to them, be it digital zoom, pan-and-tilt, sirens, motion sensors, and more.

  • What is the Best Swann Security Camera?

    This will depend on what a particular person is looking for. Someone might be fine with a more basic interior cam while another buyer might want to splash out of 4K image quality, thermal sensing, and two-way audio. The good news is that both of these clients would be satisfied with the company’s product line-up. Some of the most popular choices include the Motion Sensor Add-On Dome Cam, the Thermal Sensor Exterior Cam, and the Four-Channel DVR High Definition Multi-Pack.

  • Is Lorex Better Than Swann?

    This is a question that will have different answers depending on who’s responding. It’s better to look at the security system choices that each provider offers. Both of those brands are leaders in the household surveillance industry. Both of them feature high-definition quality, motion detection, digital zoom, and visual capacities in the dark. Aesthetically speaking, Lorex cams tend to be bulkier. However, from an ease of use standpoint, this company tends to provide better connectivity.

  • How Do I Get My Swann CCTV to Record All the Time?

    This is a customizable surveillance system that lets users choose the number of channels (four, eight, or 16) and which recording devices they want to use. There should be a record button on the system. Depending on the model, clients may have up to one or two terabytes of local storage, meaning they can continuously stream footage for several weeks. If the products support the analytics feature, then customers can trigger the recording from the mobile app.

  • Will Lorex Cameras Work With Swann DVR?

    Typically yes, but it does depend on the format of the recording. For example, if the DVR is running on a PC or laptop, this may cause different results or complications than if it were running on an embeddable, standalone DVR. Judging by client reviews and the frequently asked questions on the site’s support center, it looks like Lorex devices work on a case-by-case basis.

  • How Long Does Swann CCTV Record For?

    Depending on the model, users can choose between motion and continuous recording. The former is live streaming that gets triggered when it detects movement from another person. The latter is constant footage. Factors that impact this include the device’s image resolution, storage space, and compression. Therefore, some products will record for a few hours, while others can last for 90 to 180 days. The best bet is to ask a brand representative and provide them information about a specific model.

Pros & Cons

For anyone looking for a security system, this brand could be a strong contender. There are so many different products to choose from, plus the multi-packs make buying in bulk easier. It’s also nice that people aren’t locked into a contract, although subscriptions are available. Another thing to appreciate is that there is no cost for installation because it’s DIY.


  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Great image quality on most devices
  • No contracts necessary (but they're available)
  • Thermal and motion-sensing technology
  • Two-way talk feature


  • Client reviews include complaints about support and user-friendliness
  • The pricing for the different plans is confusing

Final Thoughts: Higher Upfront Costs, Great Control & Features

Those who are on the fence about this company should consider their budget and what they want out of their devices. The wire-free design and DIY set-up of this brand offer easier connectivity and savings on labor costs. Plus, it could work for renters as well as those who own property. While many of the security systems come with high-end features, clients only have to pay for the file storage they want and need, whether that’s local or cloud. For a vast array of options and no contracts, be sure to check out this business.

Editorial Staff

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