Vector Home Security Review 2021: Can Its Intelligent Design Woo Customers?

Vector home security has been around for decades, and this review will look at how the company has changed. It’s known for its intelligent, personalized, and modern surveillance both for residential and commercial customers. To create a fair and informative guide, it was important to look at some key metrics such as product offerings, customer experience, and user-friendliness.

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Updated: February 27, 2020

Vector Security System Review: In-Depth

Vector Security System

Due to its range of authorized dealers and branch offices, the Vector Home Security experience can vary greatly from person to person. However, some of the constants that this guide will review are long contracts, minimal upfront fees, and a variety of smart technology.

Key Features

Smart devices and impressive automation allow customers to monitor their lights, thermostats, doors, windows, and more from a smartphone.

  • Automation
  • Expert installation
  • Hardwired and wireless systems
  • Intrusion protection
  • Mobile control
  • Professional monitoring

Background Information

Vector Background Information

This corporation shares the same roots with the oldest insurance company in the U.S; The Philadelphia Contributionship (TPC). Therefore, the brand may be familiar to many people in North America. It officially became an independent provider in 1974, and TPC acquired the business in 1986.

As of 2021, it has over 300,000 clients in the United States and Canada. The corporate headquarters is in Warrendale, Pennsylvania and recently acquired ADS Security so it could expand its reach to the southern U.S. The brand has been the recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, several Sammy Awards, and the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award.

Security Features & Equipment: Standout Devices & Technology

Below is a review of some of the key features that differentiate Vector home security from competitors. It’s easy to see that smart tech and automated equipment is a priority for this corporation, and its offerings are suitable for a wide spectrum of individuals, families, and business owners.

24/7 Monitoring: Constantly Watching for Triggers

Whether a customer is sleeping or traveling out of town, they can rest assured that the system is set up to respond to any suspicious activity or movement triggers. It can even alert local authorities and potentially save lives.

Smart Home Automation: Integrations for the Ultimate Surveillance System

The business’s plan tiers come with different integrations that can work seamlessly with a household’s existing smart devices. This helps to create a well-rounded automated surveillance package that will keep families safe and protected.

False Alarm Protocol: Less Frustration, More Safety

This cool feature enables the control panel to pick up on things like delayed passcodes to reduce the amount of non-emergency calls to police. It can also add more peace of mind to clients, as they aren’t jumping out of their skin at every single alert.

Wireless Equipment: Reliable Cellular Technology

Not having to deal with cables and cords means that individuals don’t need to worry about potential fall hazards. Not only that, but the cellular hook-ups are dependable and ensure round-the-clock safety. This kind of connection is preferred for automated devices, too.

Surveillance Cameras: An Option for Every Budget

Vector security system offers a variety of indoor and outdoor surveillance cams to suit individuals, families, and businesses. Each one comes with unique specs and capabilities, ensuring everyone gets the equipment they want and need. Some of these devices are part of the pricing packages included in this review.

Disaster Protection: Help With Environmental & Personal Dangers

Businesses and families are constantly at risk for flooding, fire damage, smoke, carbon monoxide, burglary, and more. Vector security system has a multitude of ways to keep families and individuals safe from natural events as well as ill-willed invaders.

Remote Control: Take Care of Everything From a Phone

With just one device, customers can take care of everything within the system. It doesn’t matter if they’re at their place or out and about because the app can control it all. This adds more excellent ease of use and peace of mind.

Medical Alerts: Instant Emergency Response

Households that have an elderly loved one or someone with a disability will appreciate this life-saving feature. Simply push the pendant button on this Personal Emergency Response System to be connected to an agent who can dispatch the authorities.

Geoservices: Choose Where the Protection Lies

This feature allows users to choose the perimeter layout of their protective devices. Once they set it up, they’ll receive alerts whenever anything unusual occurs within those confines. It’s a great way to keep track of the entire property, not just one room.

Mobile Alerts: Stay Connected & Informed

People are busy, but they want to know that their property is safe and sound while they’re away. The app allows them to check in on their house via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. They’ll also get text notifications in case anything out of the ordinary occurs.


One of the best things about the Vector home security system is that it sends out licensed technicians to the customer’s property. This ensures the proper voltage and set-up, so clients are left feeling confident and assured about their new systems. Moreover, the trained representative is there to serve as a guide and answer any questions, review comments, and alleviate concerns.

Moreover, there are no upfront costs for standard and automation packages. Keep in mind that the equipment costs will vary depending on the chosen plan, but most of the kits have zero upfront costs.

Vector Security Packages & Prices

No matter the service plan, buyers must agree to a minimum three-year contract. An auto-renewal clause is also part of some of the packages. Fortunately, most clients won’t be forced to pay any upfront costs, although the monthly payments are a bit higher than average.

Comparison Line-Up for Pricing Plans

The table below is a good side-by-side review of the features and inclusions for the three kits. Each has its perks, so it’s worth carefully checking out each one.

Essential Home Automation Connected
Starting Fee$0$0$99
Monthly Price$39.95$49.95$69.95
Control PanelYesYesYes
Motion Detectors111
Door/Window Sensors333
Mobile AppNoYesYes
Indoor CamNoNoYes
Smart LocksNoNoYes

Essential Security

Vector Essential Security

This basic package is great for those who are new to residential surveillance. A trained technician will come out to professionally set up the equipment, plus the team will consistently monitor the control panel signals. It comes with a wireless control panel, a motion detector, three sensors for doors or windows, and a limited warranty. It starts at $39.99 per month and doesn’t require any start-up fees.


  • Comes with expert set-up
  • Expert assistance and surveillance
  • Three sensors for different areas


  • Pricey starter kit
  • Requires a three-year contract (minimum)

Home Automation

Vector Home Automation

This is the corporation’s most popular plan option and starts at $0 with monthly fees of $49.95. It comes with everything in the Basic plan, along with free access to the Vector security app as well as appliance and lamp control modules. Moreover, it allows for live video streaming so that consumers can see what’s going on at all hours of the day or night. There is also the option to add on a camera or lock for an extra $10 each month.


  • Includes smart modules
  • No upfront costs
  • Video recording


  • A bit expensive
  • Add-ons cost extra

Connected Home

Vector Connected Home

This is the best one to choose if the priority is on smart technology. It offers the most convenience and confidence for buyers. It costs $99 to get started and has a monthly fee of $69.95. It includes everything in the previous plan, along with an indoor surveillance cam, an automated door lock, and a smart thermostat that has the potential to reduce energy bills. There are also options for video streaming inside and outside.


  • Door lock modules
  • More video options
  • The smartest tech kit available


  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty

Ease of Use

The combination of cellular and landline connections means that consumers don’t have to concern themselves too much with power outages. This gives the brand an edge over companies that rely solely on wireless hook-ups.

Also, live video surveillance lets users access real-time images and recordings at any time via a mobile device. If the household has multiple cameras, customers can toggle between the footage to get a clear picture of what’s going on. They can turn the cams on and off remotely as well as store those video files in the cloud for later reference.

Customer Experience

While the user experience may vary depending on the region, there are a few repeated praises and complaints that stand out among reviews. For instance, it can be hard to contact the team and get a direct price quote. On the other hand, most of the plans come with zero upfront costs and a limited SecureCare warranty.

Terms & Guarantees

The bad news first: this provider has a tough cancellation policy. While other companies may require clients to pick up 20% of the remaining balance, Vector makes them pay for the outstanding fees associated with their account. This makes it, so there’s almost no use in canceling. Also, be aware that the contracts automatically renew.

On the other hand, the enterprise’s SecureCare warranty is pretty generous in that it’s included in all of the packages. It covers repairs and equipment replacement and the option for clients to choose the lifetime warranty policy. This includes free biennial inspections, battery replacement, and set-up at a new residence at no extra cost.

Customer Support

Given the scattered localities of all the corporate retailers and dealers, it’s hard to get clear reviews on how customers feel about Vector. Some people are quite satisfied, while others claim that contacting the support team is a fruitless effort. That said, the expert installment and monitoring support seem to get good remarks.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Vector Reviews

Lots of reviews state that it can be difficult to gauge the right price for a product or package, particularly because the company relies on independent retailers and dealers. Even getting a quote requires a name, address, and phone number, which can push some potential buyers away. That said, there are different channels of communication on the website, which helps individuals find the best way to voice their concerns.

On a positive note, the company team has been recognized not only by consumers but by organizations as well, including SDM Magazine and the Police Dispatch Quality Award. The provider has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 3.5 stars on Trustpilot, which is average.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Vector a Good Security System?

    Looking at the tools and equipment, yes, this is a great kit to consider. However, there are potential disadvantages, such as higher monthly costs and spotty reviews for customer experience. It’s important to look at the enterprise as a whole to determine who it’s best for.

  • For Whom Will Vector Security Fit Best?

    This supplier would be best for a family that wants to secure their property with a combination of smart home automation, motion detection, and device integrations. Ideally, they will already have something like an Amazon Alexa or Echo so they can seamlessly sync the safety system with it.

  • How to Cancel Vector Security System?

    Cancellation requires that the client contact a team representative. They can do this by calling 844-800-4625 or filling out a request ticket on their website’s Contact Us page. Keep in mind that canceling the service early will call for paying the remaining balance in full. Also, the plans auto-renew, so consumers need to send a notice, in writing, that they want to terminate their account. The physical mailing address is P.O. Box 89462 Cleveland, Ohio 44101-6462.

Vector Security Pros & Cons

One advantage is that the monthly costs aren’t terrible. Sure, other brands are much cheaper, but they don’t provide quite the same experience. Moreover, the system integrates with several smart devices for a more automated home surveillance kit.

On the downside, clients must sign on to a 36 or 60-month term agreement. There’s also the fact that the provider only covers the Eastern half of the United States, shutting out thousands of potential clients.


  • Different pricing plans available
  • Expert installment and monitoring
  • False alarm protocol
  • Integrations & automation
  • Most plans have zero upfront charges


  • Limited coverage area
  • No month-to-month contracts

A Final Review

The takeaways from this corporation are that they don’t typically have upfront charges, and they provide professional installation and monitoring. Still, remember that the long contracts are virtually impossible to cancel, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the services to determine if they’re a good match for a particular household or business.

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