Сomcast Xfinity Home Security Review: Overview, Pricing & Features

No Xfinity home security reviews can be complete without mentioning how the system can make users feel at ease and less anxious.

Steven Lewis - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 20, 2020

Xfinity Review

Xfinity Home Security System Review: In-Depth

The system is designed to offer ease by removing the technical issues one faces when installing security tools. It brings together the best of everything in the form of reliable hardware, great customer support, and software that’s easy to understand and operate.

Key Features

  • Switching and Moving
  • Home App
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Cellular and Battery Back-up with Real-time Monitoring
  • Always Connected

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Review: Background Information

The brand is owned by Comcast Corporation, a known name in the world of television, phone, and internet services. Comcast is the largest internet service provider in the country, ruling over 40 percent of the market.

It introduced a new division to target customers looking for home security solutions. The growing home automation industry was a reason good enough to give this market a try.

The main aim of the Xfinity security system is to deter thieves and provide homeowners with an added layer of security. It’s designed for residential clients but the company is said to be working on a commercial system that will mainly target offices and commercial buildings such as malls.

Originally known as Comcast Cable, the brand was renamed in 2010 to give it a new lease of life and it appears to be doing well now. It reported over $21.17 billion in revenue in 2017.

Xfinity Security Features: What It Offers

It is important to understand all the contributes of the system to better know how it performs. Here’s all that it offers.

24 Monitoring: 24/7 Contact

Xfinity 24-7 Monitiring

The system is designed to give users peace of mind. Plus, there are a variety of features and add-ons to choose from, including 24/7 video recording. The system will alert the authorities in case it detects a problem.

Access: View From Anywhere

Xfinity Access

Only those with access to the Xfinity security system will be able to view content including notifications and video feeds. Users can change the access settings from the system. Plus, since the system works on a variety of mobile devices, there will be no difficulty in controlling it or additional devices including video cameras and thermostats with a single app.

Create Security and Automation Rules: As You Desire

One can create rules based on changing requirements, i.e: set the system to send an alert whenever it detects motion.

Real-Time: Notifications Right Away

Thanks to real-time notifications, users can always know what’s happening in and around the home even. It sends notifications whenever it detects something out of the ordinary based on the set rules.

Television Access and Voice Control: For More Ease

Xfinity Television Access

It offers incredible ease as it lets users access video using TV sets. The X1 Voice Remote makes it possible to access live video and more.

Smart Home Integration: Connecting Everything

The technicians will look into the matter and certify the existing hardware. The company offers third party integration that connects more devices to the system including Philips Hue, Nest Thermostat, August Smart Lock, and Lutron Smart Lighting.

Video Security: Clear and Recorded Videos

Xfinity Video Security

The system offers live video feed and 24/7 video recording based on the purchased package. The cameras can be fixed both indoors and outdoors and give a clear view.

Keychain Remote: Removing More Troubles

Xfinity Keychain Remote allows users to communicate with the system’s controller for as long as it is within range (up to 328 feet). The remote lets users perform a variety of tasks including disarm, panic.

Entry Sensor: To Catch Movements

Windows and door sensors can be effective in keeping the home protected. The system allows users to create rules to receive real-time alerts whenever a door or window opens unexpectedly.

Glass Break Sensor: For More Safety

Thieves often break glasses to get access to a home. This security system gives the option to get notified whenever that happens so.

Environmental Protection: High Alert Situations

The system will send an alert in case there is damage to the environment. The sensors can identify motion and trigger a notification if there’s unexpected movement in the house.

Alarm Mode Options: Set Your Preference

The alarm system is quite reliable. It immediately informs the Central Monitoring Station so they can take the required steps. There are three modes to choose from:

Arm Night Suitable for when everyone is home and asleep. Motion detectors are not activated but it gives the option to change the settings from the control center.
Arm Stay Suitable for when everyone’s home and awake. Motion detectors are off so hence there is no risk of accidentally triggering the alarm.
Arm Away Gives ample time to leave the house before the system gets activated.

Mobile App: Handling It From a Distance

The free mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices. It is quite easy to use and only those with the login details will be able to access it. It gives the option to do almost everything, from disarming the unit to changing access settings.

Equipment & Installation

It offers a variety of equipment as add-ons. The right package depends on a specific budget and needs. Here are the available options:

Sensors: Install as Many As Needed

Window and door sensors are able to detect whenever a window or door gets opened. Based on the defined rules, it will send real-time alerts or trigger an alarm.

The sensors are quite reliable and cover an area of 50 feet x 50 feet. They are designed for hallways and rooms.
Since the sensors are small, they are easy to connect and install. Plus, they work quite well.

  • Wide range – 50×50
  • For doors and windows
  • Reliable

Touch Screen Controller: Simple and Easy

It works as a centralized hub and can be used to manage not only Xfinity devices but some third-party devices as well, based on the system’s integration settings.

The Master Keypad Code will be required to access most features. It gives the option to view live video, change settings on other devices, arm or disarm the system, etc.

Add-on Equipment: For Those Who Want More

A very good thing about the system is the ability to customize the system as desired. It is possible to add equipment to get more out of the security system and enjoy a complete layer of security. Some add-on options include:

Cameras The company offers high-quality weather resistant units with night vision. The package starts for as low as $9.95 per month with access to the past ten days of video to download and share. They work well but require a decent internet connection (5MBPS at least) for it to work smoothly.
Zen Thermostat Comcast’s smart thermostat is known to be reliable. It’s easy to control and set.
Outlet Controller The device can convert a simple outlet into a smart outlet.
Smoke Detector They come with 24/7 monitoring and are quite effective. The same system can control detectors and will instantly send an alert when the alarm goes off. Plus, the system is very easy to manage and maintain.
It comes with a brilliant battery that’s said to last for about five years, hence no need to worry about having to change it every now and then.
Additional Door, Motion or Window Sensors More wireless sensors will offer better coverage. This can be very important for big houses or houses with a lot of windows and doors. It is important to cover every door and window to be fully secured.


The installation process is simple and straightforward. Get in touch with the company and they will send a technician who will take care of the job. At this stage, a code will be assigned to the system that will be used to access it.

It may be a good idea to avoid DIY techniques and seek professional help for the installation since it can be quite tricky. The company charges $99.99 for installation but some advanced systems may cost more.

Xfinity Security Packages & Prices

Xfinity Packages

There are a variety of packages to choose from. It gives several options to consider. However, remember that the packages only include pricing for service and payments for add-ons will have to be made separately. Here are the two available packages:

Home Security Plan This plan is pretty basic and comes without equipment. They can, however, be added separately by paying for individually or subscribing to a package that includes hardware.
Home Security Plus Plan This plan is for users who want more out of the package. It includes a bunch of equipment but costs a little more than the basic plan. This package also gives users the option to add more cameras, sensors, etc. separately.
Equipment IncludedNoNo
24/7 Professional MonitoringYesYes
Motion DetectorNoYes
24/7 RecordingNoYes
Live HD VideoYesYes

The company offers a discount for the first year if to Comcast customers. Make sure to inquire.

Xfinity Equipment Packages

Xfinity Equipment

Since the above-discussed packages do not include equipment, get ready to buy some separately or subscribe to one of the special packages.

The company offers three packages with different options. One can choose to make monthly payments or a lump sum to cover the entire cost. The lump-sum option may offer ease but it, unfortunately, doesn’t come with discounted rates. Here are the three available packages:

Base Home System This is the cheapest package and comes with a few equipments only and can be a good option for users with a small house. However, it will alone not be enough as it lacks some basic tools like a camera.
Complete Home System In addition to all the features that come with the base package, this includes equipment such as sensors and cameras. It can be suitable for a mid-sized home.
Ultimate Home System This is the most expensive package available but can be worth the price since it includes all the necessary tools.
Price (month/one-time)$15/$360$20/$480$25/$660
Touchscreen controlleYesYesYes
Door and Windows SensorsYes/3Yes/5Yes/10
Yard SignYesYesYes
Wireless KeypadNoYes/1Yes/1
Battery + Cellular System BackupYesYesYes
Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor50 Feet50 Feet50 Feet

Ease of Use

Overall, the system is a breeze to use. It is best to seek professional help and go through the articles on the internet to know how the system works.

The app and other such features ensure there is no trouble in performing tasks such as arming or disarming the alarm.

Xfinity Customer Service

Comcast isn’t known for poor customer service. In fact, it has a BBB rating of B+ and it was even awarded the title for the worst company in 2017. This is why Comcast introduced the brand under a different name in 2010.

Overall, the customers appear to be happy with what this system offers. However, there are some concerns regarding a lack of security as the systems may be hackable.

Terms and Guarantees

First of all, remember that the amounts quoted in this Xfinity home security review and on the official website do not include taxes. Secondly, refunds can take up to six weeks to process.

The company applies credit balances to the following month’s bill. The company charges a termination fee for canceling the services.

Other than this, it’s safe to use its hardware and software since the company doesn’t share data with third-parties.

Customer Support

The company is working hard to improve customer service. It allows users to get in touch with the agents via live chat and phone support. There’s also the option to leave emails. Moreover, the self-service portal is detailed with highly useful articles. However, users may have to wait for a little to get connected to agents.

They’re available 9 am – 9 pm, except on holidays.


Most users in their reviews think that it works well and is safe and secure. A large number of users also believe that the system is more affordable than other options out there, especially due to its ability to integrate other equipment.

FAQ section

  • Is Xfinity Security any Good?

    It can be a great pick for users who are in the coverage area. According to our experience, most Comcast users find it to be brilliant but those who haven’t used Comcast before are a little apprehensive of using it. However, since it offers everything one would expect from a home security system.

  • Does Xfinity Security Have Cameras?

    Yes, it comes with cameras but they have to be bought separately. The cheapest bundle comes with 1 Xfinity Home Security camera ($20 per month) and the more expensive bundle comes with 2 cameras ($25 per month), They are of high quality and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They provide live feed, video recording, and night vision. Moreover, they are also sold separately for $120.

  • Which is Better, ADT or Xfinity Home Security?

    Both of them offer similar features including 24/7 recording and night vision cameras. ADT enjoys a better public image but Xfinity wins when it comes to equipment. Both require professional installation and lengthy contracts. As for the price, Comcast is a little cheaper.

  • Do Xfinity Cameras Have Night Vision?

    Yes, they have night vision making it easy to see clearly in low light conditions. This makes them suitable for outdoors as well since they can provide clear vision even when it is dark. It will be no trouble to see what’s happening. There will be no need to keep the lights on to ensure visibility.

  • Are Xfinity Home Cameras Wireless?

    Yes, the cameras are wireless and offer great connectivity. There will be no risk of worrying about connecting wires or ensuring the wire length is adequate. Wireless connectivity makes everything easier and a poor signal is generally not an issue. All in all, this feature offers great ease.

Xfinity Home Security Pros & Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the system to understand how this product fares against other products on the market and if it’s a good pick:


  • Offers customizable packages.
  • Integration is possible.
  • Comcast customers enjoy lower rates for the first year.
  • A variety of add-ons to choose from.
  • The cameras are excellent (weatherproof, wireless, HD, and night vision) supported.
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty.


  • Available in limited areas.
  • Long contracts – 2 years.

The Final Say

The Xfinity security system appears to be a reliable system. It’s tailored for all kinds of homeowners and offers exceptional customization features. The ability to integrate it into existing systems is great. However, it may not be suitable for everyone as it’s currently only available in limited areas and requires long commitments.

Editorial Staff

Steven Lewis combined his writing talent and home security knowledge and became a journalist researching the topic. He holds a Degree in Criminal Law and has spent a significant part of his career studying security issues backed up with his legal knowledge.