Zander Identity Theft Protection Review: Pricing, and Perks

Zander Insurance aims to simplify the insurance process for individuals and families. The business’ efforts extend to coverage for auto, health, homeowners, life, and more. While the company has been around for nearly a century, its ID theft services are a newer feature. This includes things like identity protection and monitoring to prevent fraud on all levels. This Zander identity theft protection review will highlight the key takeaways and values of the brand. Consumers can then find the best program or service to boost their overall security.

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Updated: April 20, 2021

Zander Review: In-Depth

This Zander identity theft review will outline the business’ various personal ID protection and recovery services. The company makes it easy for clients to keep track of their information across the Web, including social media. Customers receive instant alerts whenever Zander suspects fraudulent activity.

Since the brand started with insurance service, it’s safe to say that’s where their best efforts lie. That said, people can still access identity and personal credit monitoring.

Key Features

Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial consultant, is a proud supporter of Zander. He emphasizes its low prices and insurance protection. In terms of ID theft services, the offerings are quite good and appeal to different threats that consumers could face.

  • Child scans
  • Dark Web surveillance
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Medical record monitoring
  • Social media security
  • Theft insurance

Background Information

Zander Identity Background Information

Herman Zander founded the brand back in 1925, and today, his great-grandson serves as the CEO. It is one of the largest independent and private insurance agencies in the U.S. Plus, it is nearly 50% employee-owned. Today, the company headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee, and is one of the most well-known enterprises in its niche. In 2010, it added a new facet to its line-up: identity theft protection and personal credit monitoring.


Below are some of the best services that Zander clients can access. Review these service highlights and keep reading to see current 2021 pricing.

24/7 Customer Service: Agents Are Always On-Call

Zander 24-7 Customer Service

Zander already has the benefit of being family-operated and 49% employee-owned. This translates into better customer support and 24/7 access to the restoration team. These certified assistants help with everything from identity fraud alerts to credit checks, child scanning, and getting personal finances back to pre-theft levels.

Social Security Monitoring: Regular Fraud Checks

This includes careful surveillance of clients’ SSNs as well as any aliases or claims in the victim’s name. Since social security numbers are on many important documents, guarding this information can be tricky. In recent times, related scams related have become more common, posing a huge threat to families.

Bank Alerts: Protection for Personal Finances

Zander Bank Alerts

Zander knows that families work hard for their money, so the company does everything it can to stop theft in its tracks. This includes instant notifications whenever the team sees suspicious activity or unusual transactions.

Black Market Surveillance: Prevents Identity-Sharing Among Criminals

Also known as the “Dark Web,” this is where scammers sell other people’s personal information online. Zander Insurance scours the Internet for this kind of criminal activity. Specialists check out chat rooms, digital databases, online forums, and other platforms.

Social Media Monitoring: Stay Safe Online

Zander Social Media Monitoring

In 2021, just about everything is online, so Zander looks through blogs and other digital platforms for fraudulent activity. Too many people lack consideration when posting to social media, which can expose them to theft and wreak havoc on their credit.

Address Change Verification: Review Service Modifications With USPS

Criminals can also steal credit information by requesting an address change with the United States Postal Service.

Court Record Monitoring: Protection Against False Crimes

Another real threat is when a criminal commits a crime and gives the police someone else’s name or information. This form of identity fraud happens with court documents and arrest records. Zander Insurance closely monitors these details to prevent any damage.

Identity Restoration: Boasting a 100% Success Rate

If ID theft does happen, the company is there with certified restoration specialists. They’ll review the damage and create a customized recovery plan to bring the victim’s finances back to pre-fraud levels. This covers medical and criminal records, tax, bank, and social security services.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage: Dedicated Support

This is what Zander Insurance does best. These services include reimbursements for any losses incurred during the recovery process – coverage for lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses peaks at $7,500 per week for four weeks.

Child Information Scan: Protecting Young Financial Lives

Zander Child Information

One of the worst nightmares for a parent is for their children to suffer financial losses because of ID theft. Criminals don’t only go after adults.

Equipment & Installation: How it Works

Signing up for anti-theft services is quite easy. As long as people have their info handy, they can enter their credentials online and get started right away.

As long as people have their info handy, they can enter their credentials online and get started right away.

  • Select the Individual or Family plan. Choose to pay month-to-month or yearly.
  • Enter the required info, such as name, address, birth date, email address, and phone number.
  • Decide to pay via debit or credit card or electronic check.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
  • Clients will receive a membership ID number that they can use to access their Zander account.
  • On the log-in portal, they must enter their SSN and create a username and password.
  • To complete their online profile, members should provide bank details and important information – for example, passport number, driver’s license, medical IDs, and retail loyalty cards.

Zander Packages & Prices

Individuals can go online and get started immediately. All they have to do is select their preferred plan and a payment option. Both the Individual and Family packages include the same access to Zander’s identity services, too. The Family plan includes up to 10 children for free and is available as a month-to-month or yearly subscription.

Pricing Comparison Table

Individual Plan Family Plan
Monthly Price $7 $13
Yearly Price $75 $145
Address Change Verification No No
Alerts Email Email
Bank Notifications Yes Yes
Child Scanning No Yes
Credit Bureau Checks No No
Dark Web Surveillance Yes Yes
Insurance Coverage Up to $1 million Up to $1 million
Lost Wallet Assistance Yes Yes
Social Media Monitoring Yes Yes

Individual Plan

Zander Identity Individual Plan

As of 2021, this package costs under $7 per month or $75 for the year, making it one of the most affordable services out there. This Zander identity theft solution includes surveillance over the Dark Web, bank accounts, medical ID, court records, and tax statements.

Restoration specialists provide complimentary assistance, and the support team is always available at any time. Fraud victims can receive up to $1 million in reimbursements for stolen funds.


  • Highly affordable rate
  • Includes all major security benefits
  • No extra charge for account restoration
  • Reimbursement coverage


  • Clients can't add children
  • There are no refunds on the monthly plan

Family Plan

Zander Identity Family Plan

Zander Insurance identity theft protection for families is also an affordable choice. It covers parents and up to 10 children, including unmarried dependents under the age of 26. This subscription includes all of the perks that come with the Individual package; only they apply to more people.

Plus, the identity experts will specifically review any usage of the children’s medical IDs and other details. Even if clients opt-out of a particular service, they’ll still receive the same recovery assistance.


  • Child Information Scans
  • Covers up to 10 children
  • Includes all of the benefits from the Individual Plan
  • Recovery assistance never changes


  • Doesn't monitor bank/credit card accounts
  • Theft alerts come via email only

Ease of Use

One of the most convenient offerings is the mobile app. This is where customers go to review their coverage, plan details, and alerts. It’s the best way to get quick info on-the-go.

If individuals want to cancel their service, they simply call or email the Zander support team. Monthly packages are non-refundable and remain active until the next billing cycle starts. The company will hold on to customer data for a specified period before purging it from the system.

Customer Support

The business’ insurance agents and restoration specialists are based in the U.S. and are available 24/7. Overall, the company has a great reputation and even some celebrity endorsements.

Terms & Guarantees

The agency reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at its discretion. Customers are liable for making the necessary arrangements to be able to visit the website. This is crucial since most of the info and notifications are only available online. Also, some of the Web and mobile app features require an additional fee.

Clients can view these details upon registration and choose to decline or accept. All of the data on the company’s website is intended for general purposes. In other words, the business does not warrant its accuracy or completeness.

Customer Support

The company offers a few ways to get in touch, so customers always get the help they need. People may call toll-free at 800-356-4282 or email [email protected]. The support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If someone wants to mail in a request, they can send it to 6213 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209.


There are plenty of Zander Insurance ID theft reviews online. The majority of them have great things to say about the agency. For example, most people agree that the pricing is very competitive and is among the best for lower-income families.

The enterprise has an A+ rank with the Better Business Bureau and also boasts a 100% theft recovery success rate.

The biggest customer complaint is that the company doesn’t provide true credit scores or reports. Rather, it notifies clients each quarter to remind them to check in with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Zander ID Theft Any Good?

    Yes. Zander Insurance offers many of the same identity solutions as competitors. This includes Dark Web surveillance, criminal and financial monitoring, SSN regulation, and ID fraud insurance.

    As stated on the homepage, the agency has achieved excellent reviews and ratings across Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

  • Which is Better: LifeLock or Zander?

    Both are viable identity insurance solutions. LifeLock offers three different plans, but they are about twice as expensive. Also, that brand doesn’t provide auto and home coverage. In contrast, Zander identity theft has packages for individuals and families as well as higher policy limits for stolen funds.

    To be fair, LifeLock enables customers to check in with one of the three major bureaus to receive reports and scores.

  • What Does Dave Ramsey Say About Life Insurance?

    As soon as someone visits the company’s homepage, they’ll see a photo of Ramsey, a financial guru. He has been endorsing the agency for two decades. He never recommends cash value life insurance and instead prefers term coverage.

    According to Dave, people should purchase a policy that covers about 10 times their income.

  • What Happens to Term Life Insurance If You Don't Die?

    With this policy, customers pay monthly premiums until the coverage ends. If the plan’s enrollment period ends and the person is still alive, the funds are relinquished. In other words, the money from those years of payments doesn’t go to the client.

    Instead, it goes to the provider, who uses it to assist the families of deceased policyholders.

  • Do You Get Money Back If You Cancel Zander Life Insurance?

    Clients can cancel their policy at any time. They just have to inform the insurer in writing. There usually isn’t a charge for this, but if the person didn’t pay the premiums in advance, they might not get a refund.

Zander Pros & Cons

Despite this, it still offers quite a lot in terms of ID fraud prevention and restoration solutions. Certified specialists are available around the clock, and the subscriptions are super affordable. Also, clients can rest assured knowing their financial details are under lock and key.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated recovery specialists
  • Inexpensive plans
  • Reimbursement coverage
  • Wide range of identity protection services


  • Credit checks go through a third-party
  • No free trial

Reasonable Prices, Reliable Support

In general, this private agency has a lot to offer. Its certified specialists ensure that client data stays safe all across the Web. Plus, parents can take advantage of family-specific coverage for their dependents. The company could do a better job providing check-ins with the credit bureaus.

As it is now, customers are on their own if they want to get their reports and scores. If you have a Zander identity theft review to share, be sure to comment below.

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