Zmodo Camera Review: Security Products Anytime

Today, there are plenty of terrific options in the security market. Some of them are related to indoors, while others are more suitable for outdoors. What is hard for buyers is to choose the ones that will be helpful for them. Let’s take a look at this Zmodo camera review to find out more about each product.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: November 23, 2020

Zmodo Camera Review: In-Depth

Each Zmodo camera has its own benefits and features. For instance, those spooked by cables can choose the wireless model. In this way, the cam will connect to WiFi instead of using wires. Such a thing also means that the setup is simpler. The cloud storage is also a perk that future clients should not disregard. Together with an ample field of view, angle, and even options for tilting. So, let’s examine all the options for these home security systems below.

Key Features

  • Smart Home Integrations
  • Protection against burglars
  • Different chiming alert
  • Wire-free
  • DIY setup
  • Low fees per month

Background Information

Zmodo Background Information

The company started in 2009 in China. From then, it grew all over the world. Today, it has offices in different countries like the USA or Germany. The idea behind the company is to give businesses video services for their branding. They were looking to excel in customer service, as they saw that many others failed in that aspect. These days, the institution is huge. It even has sections devoted to research and logistics. And they have opened a new lab in California. So, apart from software, they also produce their own hardware.

Features: Stepping up the Game

This global company has developed several types of products. And offers many services to other businesses. This way, they can all excel in today’s market. Plus, the employees keep on adding products in the assembly line.

Surveillance Cameras: Monitoring the Field

The stars of the team, Zmodo security camera has a sturdy, novel design. With HD resolution and motion alerts, owners will never miss a thing that happens at home.

DIY Installation: Easy for Everyone

No tools at home? No proficiency in installing new devices? No worries, the camera is simple to set up. Even the elderly can mount these products on the wall without any issues.

Wireless Equipment: Hassle-Free

Worry about cables no more. Zmodo developed equipment that has no wires. The device connects to the Internet and requires a battery. That way, it works without any issues.

Mobile Alerts: Convenience to Manage the System

Zmodo Mobile Alerts

Clients can control the whole system by downloading the Zmodo app. This mobile thing will then emit alerts and chimes to let the owner know that there is something going on at home.

Smart Home Options: Fully Integrated

Tune the thermostat, make the volume of the music go up, and connect the cameras with Alexa. All of that is possible by using the smart home integrations available in these products.

Two-Way Audio: Be There When Away

Speaking through the doorbell is also important to keep the house safe. It’s a very nice tool to scare off thieves. And to speak to family members even if the owner is away at work or traveling.

Power Outage Protection: Long-Lasting Batteries

Power cuts can be a nightmare for those afraid of their safety. That is why this system includes protection against them. By using batteries, it prevents failure and issues with the wires

Night Vision: Vigilant in Dark Colors

Zmodo Night Vision

There is no sense to footage 24/7 if the video sees nothing in the dark. Luckily, the night vision is quite sharp, with plenty of zooms and a wide-angle to ensure it captures everything that happens.

Free Cloud Storage: No Hidden Fees

Zmodo Free Cloud Storage

At times, it can be hard for owners to pay for high monthly fees. And all to keep the video safe. But this service only requires buyers to acquire the wireless equipment at the beginning. No hidden fees after that.

Timelapse Videos: Summaries for the Busy

Nobody has time to go through 24 hours of footage. So, this company provides owners with lapse videos with a summary of all relevant events of the day.

Equipment & Installation

Over the years, the company has strived to provide a good service. And for that, it has been developing a lot of different products. These will attend to different needs. Let’s take a look at some of these devices below in this Zmodo camera review.

Zmodo Beam Wi-Fi Extender: Technology Using Internet

Zmodo Beam Wi-Fi Extender

In case the network is not strong enough, the company gives buyers a solution. With the Wi-Fi extender, every owner can make sure that the Internet doesn’t falter. Thus, they will not be any issues with the recordings

Pivot Door / Window Sensors: Sensible Detection

Zmodo Pivot Door Window Sensors

The pivot tracks down movement. So, when a door or a window opens or closes, the camera will move together with it. These products can also connect with more than 30 sensors

Greet HD and Pro: Know What Happens at the Door

Zmodo Greet HD and Pro

This is one of the smartest models within the provider. It has a two-way talk to communicate with the other person in a smooth way. The buyers can even record messages to give to their families later through the doorbell.

720p Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: Multi-Use Devic

Zmodo 720p Indoor Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

As the name shows, the quality of these security devices is 720p. Though it could be better, the footage is quite decent. Plus, the night vision reaches 65 feet and sends motion chimes to mobile devices.

1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: Extended Night Vision

Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The Outdoor model is an upgrade from the previous one. In terms of quality, it is a bit higher, and so is the night vision. What is interesting is the way in which the clips generate. As soon as something is detected, it sends a ping to the owners’ phone.

1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: Top-Notch Definition

The only difference between this one and the other for outdoors is the night vision. In this case, it is a bit narrower. And this reflects in the price, which is lower.

Sight 180 Outdoor Camera: Security Outside

Zmodo Sight 180 Outdoor

The wide-angle in cameras is also of vital importance. With a 180-degree angle, it’s possible to utilize the smartphone to adjust the vision. The person just has to tilt it.

Sight 180: Great Field of View

Zmodo Sight 180

Sight 180 is the indoor version of this brand. It adds compatibility with Alexa. This way, those who have a smart home can leverage all its features. The two-way audio perk is quite interesting, too.

EZCam: Protecting Privac

Zmodo EZCam

The most basic option also has the most affordable pricing. The degree of the angle is decent, with 115°. And the Wi-Fi support is also nice for those who don’t want to rely on wires.

720p Mini Camera: Small But Powerful

Zmodo 720p Mini Camera

As the name shows, the main feature of this cam is to be small. It is quite convenient for those owners who want to hide it. And who wants to integrate it with Alexa.

1080p HD Pan and Tilt Camera: Movement Guaranteed

Zmodo 1080p HD Pan and Tilt Camera

Panning and tilting are features that do not always appear in this type of device. But that’s not the case of this camera. It has 350° panning and 70° for tilting.

Pivot Cloud: Excellent Storage

Zmodo Pivot Cloud

This is the smart hub of the system. So, it comes with a pack of devices to utilize on the doors and to check how they move. Plus, the angle of rotation is almost 360°, so it’s quite ample. It also has Bluetooth.

Snap Pro: Smart Notifications

Zmodo Snap Pro

This is the first time a company developed such a product. It is very small and can fit almost anywhere. With a 180° field of view and a long-lasting battery, it can resist anything.


The installation is not messy at all. But it involves touching low-voltage cables at times. And knowing how a router works. In this way, they can connect the devices to the Internet without using any cables. Of course, it’s much easier to mount the Zmodo camera if there is previous equipment there. If not, the person will have to make holes in the wall. And then put the mounting plate there. Among other things that may or not involve the use of tools.

Price & Packages

Zmodo Price & Packages

As seen above, the system variety is huge. Every client is probably going to find what they are looking for. For example, there are options for both indoors and outdoors. That means that people can put those devices inside the house and monitor the main rooms. The door entrance is also a crucial place to survey. Knowing who is at the door increases safety a lot.

Another thing to consider is that the system can expand, which means that owners who want to can add other cameras if they need to. In terms of contracts, clients can rest assured that they will have none. The only extra thing they will have to pay for is an extra fee in case they want more storage. And these products are all easy to install and set up, so there would be no issues, even for those who are not tech-savvy or don’t know how to utilize an app.

Table of Plans’ Comparison

So, most plans for these security cameras are based on time. Each home will have different necessities as to how much storage it requires. And what equipment works best for them. Let’s see some of the details below.

Basic 7-day 30 day
Hours of Storage36 hours7 days30 days
Type of EquipmentCustomCustomCustom
Continuous Cloud RecordingNo7 days30 days
Special Offers for Additional CamerasNo50%50%


The basic plan has no cost. This means that it is suitable for those who don’t have a lot of budget for safety. In terms of options, they are not many. Especially when compared to other plans that cost more money.

Zmodo Basic


  • The storage lasts 60 hours for free.
  • It can store audio and video clips.
  • The equipment can be custom.
  • Add-ons as people prefer.


The name of the plan accounts for the days of footage included. This means that those who decide to pay for it will get one week of storage on the cloud. The fee is very low, only $5 per month.

Zmodo 7-Day


  • 7 days of 24/7 recordings for more safety.
  • Access to the cloud
  • Offers that go up to 50%.
  • Personalized attention.


Finally, the last plan offered is a bit pricier. But it doesn’t represent a lot of money per month for any user, only $10. And the days that are available are much more than in the previous plan.

Zmodo 30-Day


  • The camera records locally and on the cloud for 30 days.
  • Stores video clips with or without audio, as the owner prefers.
  • It’s easier to acquire new cams in case of need.
  • Offers go as far as 60%..

Zmodo Equipment Prices

As seen before, the service makes a lot of equipment for different functions. And these will be great for certain clients who have a large budget or not to protect themselves. Let’s examine some of them below with their prices.

Indoor Outdoor Price
Snap ProYesNo$169
Pivot CloudYesNo$149
1080p pan and tiltYesNo$99
Sight 180YesNo$79
Sight 180 CYesNo$79
720p Mini CameraYesNo$35
Sight 180 OutdoorNoYes$99
1080p Outdoor WiFiNoYes$49
1080p Outdoor WiFi ProNoYes$79
720p OutdoorNoYes$39
Greet Pro Smart DoorbellNoYes$179
Greet Smart DoorbellNoYes$179
Greet HD DoorbellNoYes$149
Greet Select DoorbellNoYes$99

Ease of Use

The convenience, of course, depends on the type of device being utilized. For example, it’s not the same to set up a doorbell than an outdoor camera. But all of them come with kits to install them on one’s own. Or there are options to pay for the service in case the owner is not very handy. Luckily, there exist a lot of models without any wires or cables. The Zmodo app is also quite easy to access.

Customer Experience

So, the Zmodo reviews that people can find online are overly good. And that’s since the team does its best to keep their buyers happy. Let’s take a look at all the aspects of the customer experience in detail in the following Zmodo camera review.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of use are clearly stated on the main page. And they work as a binding contract. Every client should read and understand them. As for they outline the way in which the privacy policy works. For example, they claim they would never disclose any private details with third-party apps. In terms of refunds, they have quite tight terms. So, the company does not give money back. Unless the client claims it within the first 24 hours or if the product is faulty. In case the users want a refund for any other reason, they will not be able to ask for it.

Customer Support

Zmodo Customer Support

Customer support channels are good and varied. For example, clients can contact them via phone if they are in the US. This way, they know they are going to get a rapid response. Those who don’t want to spend so much or are living abroad have two other options. They can either access a live chat or send an email via their app.


Overall, the Zmodo reviews found online show the service is decent. Most of them praise, for example, the quality of the panoramic cam. Others claim that the motion sensor is sensitive. And that this helps them catch the criminals. But it can also lead to false positives. So it’s up to the owners to adjust the sensors to their taste and exigencies. On the grey side, the packs come for each Zmodo camera. This means that those who own complete systems will have to hire a different package for the cloud. Such a thing can end up being very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Cameras Are Compatible With Zmodo?

    Luckily for owners, there are many models compatible with indoor cams. Some models include the Snap PT, Sight 180, Sight 180 C, EZCam, EZCam 1080p, Mini WiFi Camera, and 1080p PT Cam. In terms of outdoor models, there are other compatible ones like the Sight 180 Outdoor, Outdoor Cam, and Outdoor Cam Pro. And those who want to can also connect their Zmodo cameras to doorbell devices as well.

  • Are Zmodo Cameras Good?

    Yes, and there is a huge variety of them for different types of clients. For instance, there is a mini model to put outdoors. This one can be good to hide from thieves and prevent them from tampering with it. All in all, every model has a nice design and sturdy materials to last for years.

  • How Do I Reset My Zmodo Camera?

    It may come at a time when people want to reset their devices. This way, in case they had any errors, they would go away. The way is to manage the router, in fact. There is no button or easy process to reset. Owners will have to know a bit about how routers work to take the cam to a virgin state.

  • Do You Have to Pay Monthly for Zmodo?

    No, it’s not necessary. Only those who want to have more space on the cloud have to pay a fee every month. Those who don’t need more or just want to leverage the local storage can do so without extra payments. They only need to pay for the equipment once.

  • What Does a Red Light Mean on the Zmodo Camera?

    The red light means the Internet connection is failing. If it’s green, then the device is still working. Those who want to record at all times need to make sure that the light is never red. If not, they will lose all the footage and the images of the day.

  • Why Is My Zmodo Camera Offline?

    Because something is failing, it could be the device that makes the product Wireless. Or it could be one’s Internet connection. Either way, the owner can solve this issue by revising the manual. Or by resetting the cameras as they were made.

Zmodo Camera Pros & Cons

These security cameras have a lot of perks that will benefit new and existing owners. Among them are the number of add-ons and the quality of these products. But there are also some negative points about buying the system. Let’s examine them below.


  • Top-notch customer support team to answer all queries.
  • The company has enough products to satisfy the clients’ needs.
  • The waterproof feature protects them from wind, snow, and dust.
  • It has a panoramic function and tilts with doors.
  • The pricing is reasonable and has plenty of offers.


  • The motion sensor, at times, is too sensitive.
  • The devices are too many and hard to coordinate.

Stay Vigilant at All Times

Surveillance can be hard in these times. In particular, for those who have a low budget. Yet, today there are also reputable companies that offer their products for a reasonable price. And with great quality. One of them is Zmodo. Among their benefits are smart home integrations, sharp image, good audio quality, and great range. Clients only need to choose wisely the cam they truly need to get the footage they want.

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